Thursday, March 28, 2013

Isaac Turned 7!!

On the 23rd of March we had a 7th Birthday Party for Isaac. Like all his sisters before have had. He got to invite 6 friends for games, cake and gifts. He invited Gavin Tew, Johnson Luke, Jack Barnes, Asher Hedquist & Kaman Howell. He also has one who he invited that couldn’t make it. The played pop the Balloon rely races. We had a Crocodile PiƱata. He really wanted a Hulk cake so we kinda went with a green theme since I couldn’t find any Hulk party supplies.

Birthday Pinata

He got plenty of gifts! David and I got him a Mega Blocks Skylander Ship, a stuffed Eruptor (Skylander), a water gun, 4 new Skylander figures and a Wreck It Ralph T- Shirt. His sister’s got him a Hex bug, and his friend brought him $5 made into origami (it was really a neat idea), a remote control car that he hasn’t stopped playing with since he got it, another skylander figure and lots of Reese’s Candy, a Batman toy & Ninjago Legos. Grandma and Grandpa Saville sent a Card with a $2 bill and Grandma Egley gave him treasure chest with $10 in it.

Isaac's collage 1

David had fun designing this cake. It is basically the Hulk’s hand punching through a brick wall. The Hulk hand is one of Isaac’s toys and David cut the cake apart to work the way he had envisioned it.  David got a lot of compliments on the cake and Isaac Loved it!

After gifts and cake the boys played Happy Action theatre on the XBOX Kinect and had a lot of fun then we ventured outside in the chilly weather to blow bubbles. I think over all it was a success. I can’t believe my Isaac is 7 years old and in just 1 short year he’ll be Baptized. I Love this boy so much, he brings so much joy to our family. He’s almost always in a good mood and get along so well with his sisters. We all spoil him a bit, I think because we tend to pour out all the love we have for 2 sons and 2 brothers to just Isaac now that Gabie isn’t with us.

Isaac's collage 2

Some of Isaac’s Favorite things right now:

  • He still LOVES corndogs!
  • He love to play Skylanders.
  • He loves to play any kind of game with his Dad.
  • He likes to watch Adventure Time with his Dad and Sisters (I don’t really get into that show)
  • He’s doing great in school and his speech has improved leaps and bounds.
  • He can’t wait to play T-Ball again this summer.
  • He still asks David and I to tuck him in every single night. (Honestly David and I complain about it most nights but we both know that we don’t have a lot longer before he’ll decide he’s to big to be tucked in so we’re trying to remember how much we’ll miss it when he decides he’s too old for that).
  • And Isaac is so caring and loving to his whole family he’s always aware if someone is sad and tries to help them out. He never holds back his hugs and kisses from his mom except when he’s teasing her. I hope that doesn’t change with age.
  • And he misses his baby brother often. The older he gets I think the more aware he is that he should have a little buddy to play with all the time. Lately the girls and I have had to console him several times when he’s sad and upset missing Gabriel. I hate to see my kids hurt like that and I wish I could take that pain away but I can’t so we all pull together and help each other through those tough days.

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