Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend Part 1

Generally we start out our Easter weekend with Easter bunny baskets and with an egg hunt. This year the Easter Bunny was feeling a bit under the weather so today didn’t start out like that. David and Katie went and raked rocks in the backyard where our box garden’s will be going. I slept in and then visited with the neighbor ladies.

Then we got some eggs boiled and cooling. While they cooled we went down to the grass strip along Summerhill and David taught Isaac to ride his bike. Isaac picked it up really quickly. Then as he rode down the hill I yelled to David “did you teach him how to brake”? About a second later Isaac fell because he couldn’t stop and was getting near a large hill into someone’s backyard. After a few trials on the grass and struggling to go uphill. Isaac and David decided to try going downhill on the sidewalk. The plan was if the braking didn’t work turn into the grass and fall. Oh and Isaac was supposed to coast an concentrate on braking and steering. Instead Isaac peddled constantly and pickup quite a bit of speed then turned “the wrong way” and fell right into the street after going off the curb. There were about 5 4 wheelers heading up the road that slowed down and went around him. That got this mom’s blood pumping but after his dad picked him up he was ok.

That was the last of the practice today but we know he can do it, it’s just going to take practice. The only bad part of that is that we live on a hill where it’s had to practice. I guess we’ll be going to the park a lot.

While Isaac and David practiced. The girls were doing cartwheels and round offs. I should say Jenna was succeeding at cartwheels and round offs. Katie and Madison were trying and were great to watch. I laughed and laughed at Katie. She was very enthusiastic but not as well practiced as her little sister. Jenna is in tumbling once a week though so she has the upper hand.


When we got home we decorated our eggs. We always do a picture of Gabe’s egg. This year David tried to do it with our family picture in the background. It didn’t turn our how he had hoped so he decided to do something on the Deck with the ladder and the mountain and sky in the background but then the wind knocked just one egg out of the basket. It was Gabe’s egg, David was not happy but after looking at this one picture he got I like it just fine. So no big deal.

Egg Dying Colage

I also wanted to get Easter dresses for the girls but just didn’t have time so maybe next week we’ll get some and they can wear them the week after General Conference. I’m just totally unprepared this Easter. It’s a good thing that I don’t need to prepare to worship on Sunday and be totally thankful for the true reason we celebrate Easter. My mom said she wonders what the celebration in Heaven is like. She said it must be glorious and I’m sure it is. I’ve struggled this week missing my baby boy but I do have a very strong testimony of the atonement and I’m so very grateful for my Savior and all his sacrifices for me. I know he understands my broken heart and I know he loves me and watches over me. I know that because of him I will hold my baby again and kiss him and love him and teach him all the things I’m missing in this lifetime.

Yesterday my mom put together a spring bouquet for Gabriel and Jared took it up to the the cemetery. He cleaned Gabe’s headstone off and took all the Christmas down. I really don’t know if many people know how much this small act of service means to me. I have a friend in Lava who messaged me after reading my last post about Gabe’s resting place and she asked if she could go and decorate on the holiday’s that we couldn’t get up to do it. She really touched my heart and I realized that my Father in Heaven isn’t done sending earthly angels my way when I need them most. I Love my Family and Friends so much for all the continued support they give me when I’m really struggling.


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