Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book Drive Weekend..

This weekend we took the kids out of school at 11:30 and headed up to Idaho for the Book Drive. When we got in to town we stopped by the Family First Clinic and visited with our friends and family. Then we came to mom and dad Saville’s and make the fondant for Gabie’s cake. Then Katie and I went to Emilee Eborn’s and we both got our hair dyed. Kaite’s is much more drastic than mine be we both love our own do’s. After our hair appointment we went to Richard & Melinda’s and visited and watched Pitch Perfect, what a fun movie.


On Saturday morning David and I went to Annie Tanner’s in Blackfoot and picked up all the books that the Blackfoot schools donated. Then we came back to Pocatello and had a great turnout at the church for the cleaning, labeling and sorting. Lisa Bloxham and her daughter Chloe came and I was so excited to see her. We’ve tried to support each other through me losing Gabe & her sweet daughter Gracie pushing through cancer like a champ. It’s been a great bonding experience and I’m so glad to have her as a friend I can lean on when I need to. It was also great to see all our wonderful friends from the Holman Ward. The Holman Ward is such a huge support to our family and we’re so thankful to them. The Book Drive did really well this year we finish with 1944 books and will do another update after we’ve delivered to all the hospitals. We did deliver to Portnuef Medical and Bingham Memorial yesterday. It’s always so nice to deliver to Portnuef Medical and be able to express our gratitude to those amazing nurses that were there for us through the most difficult few days of our family’s life.

After the deliveries we decorated Gabriel’s Birthday cake. It seems to be a emotional experience. David and I both want it to be perfect and there are always things that just don’t seem to go well. All in all the cake turned out great and I’m sure if my little boy was indeed here turning 4 years old he would’ve loved it. I missed him so much while making his cake, it makes me so sad to not be able to share it with him. Later at Richard & Melinda’s we put 4 matches on it(they had no candles) and we sang and blew out the candles. I didn’t sing and neither did David we just can’t emotionally make it through that song for him.


I’m proud of David and I we actually made it through the day with only shedding a few tears. I’m so glad to have my sweetheart go through this trial with me. I Love him so much.


Today we went to church at the Holman Ward and it was so nice to feel at home in that ward again. Then we had dinner with mom & dad and Richard & Melinda and family. We were hoping to be heading home but the weather has turned for the worst and the roads are not good. So we’ve decided to stay one more night and head home first thing in the morning. We really do not enjoy driving in the crazy snow and the bad roads. My future plans now include getting the 1200 books in my basement all delivered.

Thank you to all those who made this weekend a success!!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Stay well in your travels and God bless you all!