Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at the Saville’s…

Christmas was a success! I’ve been worried for months that my two oldest wouldn’t like their gifts. They are right at that age when they want more grown up stuff but not necessarily stuff that can be “played” with. Santa brought Katie a blow dryer, straightener & curling iron and she has enjoyed them, yay!! Santa brought Madison a new comforter and fluffy pillows for her bed which she is loving, yay!! Jenna got a Lalaoopsy Mermaid and play make up & Isaac got a whole lot of Skylanders. All the kids are enjoying the Skylanders they’ve been playing almost non-stop for 2 days and David and I have had about enough. Isaac’s other great success was his very large Batman from Katie and Katie loved her very large candy cane of bubblegum from Isaac. Jenna and Madison both got each other Fur-real pets which they are loving along with the new doll clothes from Grandma Saville that have started some very imaginative game play. David got his main gift’s early a smoker & 2 new suits, I too got an early gift a very warm much needed Columbia coat. David also spoiled me with a new Kitchen Aid food processor which I’ve been wanting for months, it’s my very first food processor since we’ve been married except for a very small hand me down one, he also got me a pedicure and manicure that I will be enjoying soon. We all got plenty of treats and are to the point we are craving healthy food instead of snacks. Jenna and Madison also got Asian outfits which they haven’t taken off much so I know they love them. Really overall it was a great Christmas and we’ve really enjoyed all the snow and family time. We’re very thankful for the reason for the season and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I missed my Gabie again this year but made it through the day without shedding any tears, that is an accomplishment for me since usually I struggle holding them back on family holiday’s. I know he was with us and I know that although we couldn’t see him he was enjoying the day with us.  


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