Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few Random pictures & more catching up…

12.13.12 (2)

Katie & Isaac Playing. I love catching pictures of the kids when they are just playing around. So  does Katie, she took the pictures of Jenna singing away and of Madison & Jenna dancing while we were making Christmas goodies for the neighbors. Dancers12.12 (2)Dancers12.12 (7)Dancers12.12 (8)Katie in her first Choir concert at Vista Middle School. We tried to video it but the video turned out horrible. She did great though and we are super proud of her, the choir sounded very good.Katie's Christmas Concert 001

Christmas 2012 053David in his new Archer shirt that I surprised him with. He’s always quoting Archer and saying “Danger Zone” so I was excited to find this shirt for him. Archer is definitely an Adult cartoon so I wouldn't recommend it but it does have some funny lines. And he was surprised! I also got him a shirt that says:
“Flynn’s Arcade
go grid or go home”
for his love of Tron.

We’ve gotten more snow this week than I’ve seen in a very long time, we are very grateful for the moisture and the kids have loved playing in it. This is the first time I’ve seen my kids work together and have enough snow to make an great snowman and then yesterday they were building igloo’s in the snow piles that David and I moved off the driveway. It took David and I close to 90 minutes to move all the snow and David is pretty sore today from throwing it so much but honestly I love looking out over the white landscape. We haven’t had to go anywhere so we’ve been able to to sit and enjoy the beauty of it without the stress of traveling in it.



This last picture I stole from Amber’s Facebook page. I just had to get it into our blog book. This is Amber Walsh and her son Jack Dunavan. Jack is Gabriel’s heart recipient and it brings so much joy to me every time I see him growing and being a normal little boy. I love this picture of him and his sweet momma and a great picture of pure love.Amber&Jack

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