Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Today was my payday, not David’s payday but my payday. I texted David how much my check was and told him how excited I was because I could pay a few things off that I had planned on paying on and then I will still have 1/2 my check left over. I was very excited! Even though my job is part time  I’ve enjoyed it so much and it’s kinda nice to get a paycheck to do with as I please. Well like I said I texted the amount to David and this was our conversation:

After I told him what I was planning on doing it with it,

David: Sweet
Buy me a pony!
And assassins creed!


David: And a monitor!
And a Pony!

Me: What about me?
Where you going to  put your pony?

David: Basement
There’s plenty of room

Me: Haha, you’re funny.

David: I’ll share my pony with you

Me: Love you! You make me laugh.

So on my thankful list today I’m very thankful for a husband that always makes me laugh. Also a husband who set me up with a newish laptop with Windows 8 on it and let me steal his 20” monitor that he’s not using so I don’t have to only have the laptop monitor anymore. It is so nice to have a regular monitor to do my stuff on.

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