Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17, 2012

Today I woke up thankful for the opportunity to give blood. Then I went to the blood drive and found out 1. I’m too short to give double red blood cells & 2. my iron was too low to donate at all. I was sad:(

Then we all headed up to Cabela’s for the friends and family discount day. We found a purple hoodie I’ve been wanting, a Columbia Coat that I really needed & they had a smoker David’s been eyeing 1/2 off. 

Then we headed over to the grand opening of the Traverse Mountain Outlet Mall. I found a hoodie for Isaac at Osh Kosh for 7.99 and some new pants for 60% off. We also ran into the Disney Princesses & two of them Katie knew personally. Jenna was too shy to get in the picture. On our way up to Cabela’s we followed this SUV/Limo and when we got to the mall we realized it was the coach for the Princesses.

On our way out of the Mall we stepped into The Mens Warehouse just to see their suits and ended up leaving after buying David 2 new suits that will be tailored to fit him, he was feeling pretty spiffy trying them on. They were by one get one free, who can really pass that up. Yes, David’s Christmas shopping is DONE!!

Then we headed to the University Mall in Orem to exchange Katie’s new boots, then went to Wal-Mart for some groceries & Tenney’s Pizza for dinner. It was a long busy day but I’m thankful for all the good deals and how good the kids were.

SUV/LIMO & Princesses
(Katie knew Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty)


On our way to Orem there was a rain storm and this beautiful Rainbow, it was SO bright. This week I just got in this new camera strap, which I LOVE! I wanted something more girly but David uses the camera as much or more than I do so we got something neutral. Then this is David’s new smoker that he’s currently seasoning so we can smoke a Turkey Breast for Dinner tomorrow. YUM!!


Below are some headbands I’ve been working on this week for my niece Paytin. I think they are all adorable and my girls are hoping that we keep a couple of them. All the supplies come from my Boss’s Etsy Shop if you’re interested.


It’s been a great day and tomorrow we get to go to our new Ward, the Summerhill Ward! I’m excited to meet new life long friends. Then Mom and Dad are coming to visit which should make the day a great one as well.

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