Monday, November 19, 2012

Katie’s 13th Birthday Celebration!!

Katie is NOT 13 yet, but we did let her have a Birthday Party a week early with some of her friends since her Birthday is always such a difficult weekend.

David and I decorated the house and make a 2 layer cake for her. At 7:00 4 of her friends came over and they played Rock Band, an M&M Game & then opened gifts and had cake. Then they all watched the new movie Brave and at 11:30 I took them all home. They were so cute to watch and they all seemed to really enjoy each others company. David and I mentioned how happy we are that Katie has made so many good friends since we moved here a year ago.

On the 25th Katie will indeed be 13 and I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. David told her she wasn’t allowed to turn 13 for a few more years but she didn’t like that idea. She is getting to be so grown up. She is babysitting at least twice a month and she loves going to Young Women’s. She is getting very good at playing the piano and loves to practice and try to write new music, she likes to play along with Madison playing the Violin. Her favorite color is still blue, her favorite food is David’s Italian Roast, her favorite dessert is milkshakes. She is loving Middle School and has several good friends. We are very proud of her in all she does.

Katie's 13th Birthday Celebration 006 (Medium)




Katie's 13th Birthday Celebration 043 (Medium)

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