Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday was a very busy day! I went to work for a bit then headed to Sage Hills for the Halloween Parade. I tried to get some pictures of the kids but they were moving too fast, none of my picture’s turned out very well. Then I came home and got dressed up before I went back to the school to help in Isaac’s class and take Donut’s to Jenna’s class. So I stayed and helped make black spiders with the first graders.

After school we all came home and watched Adam’s Family Values and got everyone ready to go Trick or Treating. David stayed home to give out Candy to the Trick or Treater’s and our neighbor JoAnna and her boys went with us to go Trick or Treating. David started the night out with the black cauldron full and a big Tupperware bowl 1/2 full. When we got home he still had about 1/4 of the cauldron full of candy. then we went through the kids candy and I think we doubled what we started with. I always pull out everything they don’t like and put it in a family bowl, the rest goes into labeled Ziploc bags so I have some control on when they eat it and we always know who has eaten the most. We used to have fight’s about one child eating someone else’s candy, not anymore. Save’s me from dealing with a lot of arguing. Madison’s bag was the fullest then Isaacs, 1/2 of Isaac’s bag was mini tootsie rolls because we went to the Vic’s house and Brother Vic told the kids to take as much as they’d like. Isaac went last and just dumped the bowl into his bag. I would’ve made him give some of it back but Brother Vic just laughed and said he should’ve worded that differently. Isaac thought it was great!! We started at 6:30 then finished by 8:30 and I think everyone had a good time for the most part.

Katie and I had a small disagreement when she wanted to go with her friends and I was just not ready to let her lose yet. I’m a very protective mother and I just didn’t feel like she’s old enough to go by herself with a few friends. She did not agree with me but we worked it out by the time we went to bed and I told her maybe next year.

As we drove through the neighborhood we just opened the back of the Van and let the kids jump in and out in between the house’s that were spread further apart. It was a great idea until we came home and I pulled into the garage and forgot the tail gate was up. I put a small dent in the garage door which I was upset with myself about.

We came inside and stated cleaning the kids off and I had a mini breakdown. I realized I was missing Gabriel and then on top of the small fight with Katie and the dent in the garage I just lost it. I cried for a while until I started to feel better. I hate how Holiday’s always seem to be hard since Gabie died. It’s so hard to not have him here when we’re doing family get togethers' and activities. I guess it’ll just never feel the same without him.


And also on yesterday before we went trick or treating Isaac lost his second bottom front tooth, he was very excited.


And I can’t forget to tell my wonderful mother thank you for decorating Gabie’s spot for us today. It means the world to me.

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