Monday, November 26, 2012

Behind on my Thanks..

OK so I am still doing my thankful posts but with Thanksgiving I have gotten behind. 

On the 22nd I was very thankful to be in Lava Hot Springs with my family for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed cooking, eating and visiting with all my Brothers, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews. I got to cuddle with my niece Paytin and love on her a bunch. I wish I had some pictures of everyone but even though I took my camera I spent all my time busy with family. David, Katie and I also took Gabriel’s mini Christmas tree up and I didn’t even get a picture of that. When my mom takes up her awesome wreath she and Alice made then I’ll ask her to send me a picture.

Friday the 23rd, we got the car packed up said our goodbyes and headed home. I was thankful for the opportunity to have 2.5 days at home to put up our Christmas Décor. We were able to get our tree up and things moved around for everything else.

Saturday the 24th we finished getting up all the inside Christmas Décor and I was very thankful for my sweet husband for climbing up on a ladder and decorating my nook and crannies. The rest of the day was very very relaxed I napped and David played Assassin's Creed 3.

Sunday the 25th we went to the first full block of our new ward. It was a nice meeting and I am still excited to get to know everyone! The 25th was also Katie’s actual 13th Birthday!! I can’t believe my baby girl is now an actual teenager. We didn’t do anything too special since we had already had her party the week before. She did get yarn, knitting needles & Juicy Fruit from Madison and the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. David made her favorite dinner, Italian Roast with rice, mashed potatoes & green beans. Then he also made her a cheesecake for desert. I am very very thankful for my sweet girl and how mature and grown up she is getting. I really do not know what I would do without her on many days.

Now down to today. Today was a crazy busy day at work and at home and I’m very thankful to be able to come home sit down eventually tell my sweet husband about my day and enjoy dinner with my family. I also added some more decorations and we had our house lights hung up today and they look great. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do my bills and get some things accomplished on the Book Drive.

David and Isaac were napping at Grandmas and Katie wanted a picture but David caught her…
The Christmas Tree in it’s new location this year…
Katie wants this gumball candy cane for Christmas…
All the girls who went to Breaking Dawn Part 2 and LOVED IT!!
Our house lights… When I get the rest of the outside décor up I’ll post pictures of all our decorations…

IMG_1007 IMG_1010 IMG_1012IMG_1001 IMG_1013

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