Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/27/2012 Thanks

Today as I sat down to work on flyers for Books from Gabriel I was reminded how thankful I am for all the generous people out there who are willing to help us with this effort. Although I see our book drive a very small effort in many ways I know it benefits many children and for that I'm thankful for the opportunity to put it together.
Also I want to share my great testimony of inspiration from the Holy Ghost. Last night I knew I needed to share my testimony of priesthood blessings with a friend and although I don't know what came of it I know that I was supposed to share it at that time. The spirit told me so directly that I needed to and although I was terrified that it may be taken the wrong way I found the courage to explain how I know that priesthood blessings can be a very powerful thing in ones life. When my friend replied that she was glad I had shared my feeling and would look into it I cried tears of thanks and gratitude for the knowledge I have been blessed with and the chance to share it with those I love.

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