Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spontaneous Trip to Pocatello

On Friday we had planned on spending a low key weekend at home when David’s dad called to see if we were coming up to Pocatello. We had discussed it because David’s Brother & Family were coming down from Boise and we hadn’t seen them in about 9 months. But when Gary called and asked us and we realized they really wanted us all there we decided to load the car and go. Spontaneity is not something that comes lightly to David so I was impressed with his great attitude to loading the car even though we hadn’t made a previous plan to go.

It was raining in Saratoga and all the way up to Ogden so it was a wet drive but none the less a pleasant drive. We arrived at Gary & Colleen’s around 8:15 and played with Steven & Kayla’s kiddo while we waited for Steven and Kayla to return with their dinner. Then we headed over to Richard and Melinda’s after picking up our own dinner.

Clouds 10.12.12 (1) Clouds 10.12.12 (2)

Saturday was spent visiting and running a few errands. I picked up most of Katie’s Birthday gifts and Kayla was able to visit her sister. Later we all met at Mom & Dad’s for dinner. We brought my Grandma Easter’s Onion Chip Dip and Ruffles which everyone seems to love and Steven prepared awesome hamburgers for everyone. We need the recipe from him they were “the best”. We all enjoyed each others company.

On Sunday since we and Steven & Kayla were heading home around noon we decided to have a family breakfast. What a great idea that was, it was nice to share a meal with different things than we usually have. Steven and Kayla made homemade Buttermilk Blueberry pancakes which I loved. We also had hash brown, scrambled eggs made by Melinda even though she had to get ready for Church as well she made delicious food. She always amazes me at how much she can accomplish in a short amount of time. We make the bacon because apparently I’m good at that, you know I’m excellent at putting it in the oven for 25 min. We had a great morning the kids watched cartoons some in PJ’s some in casual clothes and some in Church dress. Then we cleaned up and headed home. It was a very nice drive home and we were very glad we made the trip.

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