Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

Last weekend we went to a local farm and let the kids pick their own pumpkins out of the patch, a first for our family. It was a fun experience. Isaac’s was the biggest weighing in at 33lbs and Katie’s came in 2nd at 31lbs. After cleaning them all out we all decided that next year if the kid can’t carry it themselves then they can’t have it.


On Sunday night for our family night we carved our pumpkins. The kids all cleaned their own. They all traced their own pictures. Isaac had David help carve his and Jenna had a little bit of help. Katie & Madison did theirs all on their own and David also did his and Gabriel’s “G”. We all like the style David gave to the “G” this year! I also did my own, YAY for me!!


Jenna & Isaac were pretty grossed out but cleaned those pumpkins out very well.





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