Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guest Blogger on God’s Angels Gone Early…

Last week a sweet lady named Noelle & her sister Heidi contacted me about doing a guest post on their non-profit organization’s blog. I was really excited that they found our story and asked us to share it with other families who are struggling with the loss of a child.

Heidi’s baby Gage was born on February 15th of this year and he passed away 3 short days later from SIDS.  They were were overcome with great sadness as I’m sure you can understand and through their grief God’s Angels Gone Early was born. They hope to donate items to hospital and other facilities that can be given to families who experience similar tragedies. They are just about done getting all the legal things put together to be a fully recognized non-profit organization.

October is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month and they hope to have several guest posts this month from families like us who have lost a child and wants to share their story and any advice or help they may have for families just beginning their journey living with such grief.

I’m so glad they contacted me I’m always looking for ways to tell other about my Gabie’s baby and share the thoughts and feelings we’ve had these last 2 years. My guest post is scheduled for Monday the 22nd, but I encourage you to go to their blog everyday this month starting this week and read all these wonderful families stories and support them in whatever way you can even if it’s just leaving a sweet comment and thanking them for sharing something so dear to their hearts. I know as I wrote my post it was very difficult to pull myself back 2 years and remember all those heartbreaking moments so I know these guest bloggers will love to know that you are thankful for the opportunity to hear their sweet story.

Follow the Link below:
God’s Angels Gone Early

This link will tell you all about how National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month came to be.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our story!! We are so grateful also that you are sharing your story with us! Our first guest post went up today and we hope everyone will check it out! Most of the guest posts will be featured on Mondays & Thursdays! Thank you again Amy for all your help!!


  2. I just read your story on Gods angels gone early blog and my heart aches for you. I can honestly say i read your post with tears falling from my eyes as i walked through those painful memories with you. I find it hard to read as my own story will be on the blog next week so i really do understand your pain. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are amazing your courage with organ donation blesses my heart and im sure blessed the life of those that recieved the organs. I also hate the terminology of organ harvesting, i see it as organ gifting and your Gabriel was a gift in many ways.

    1. Thank you for your comment I look forward to reading your guest post. I LOVE the term Organ Gifting! Thank you for sharing that.