Wednesday, October 10, 2012

General Conference

This last weekend was General Conference if you’re a Mormon you know what that means if you’re not a Mormon I’ll tell you what it means. Every 6 months the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints assemble far and wide all over the world in order to hear the words from our beloved Prophet and President of our Church Thomas S. Monson and all those who our Father in Heaven has asked to speak to us and give his messages.

The last two years we bribed our kids to watch by rewarding them with candy for listening for specific words. This year we decided that they were old enough to not need to be bribed. We made Orange Pull Apart rolls and we enjoyed the time together. I think they did pretty well they got bored a few times and drifted into other rooms but always came back to listen when reminded. I dozed off a few times as did David so I can’t say we did extremely better than the kids.

This year there were several talks that I loved listening too and am excited to read them again. Also this year they announced that now young missionaries can leave at 18 if male and at 19 if female. This was a great surprise and I know there are many youth thrilled over the news.

My Favorite Talks Are:

Because I Live, ye Shall Live also by Elder Shayne M. Bowen
Any parent who has lost a child needs to hear this talk. It was so inspiring and as I listened and with tears streaming down my cheeks and David’s eyes filled to the brim with his own tears, I knew that 1 Gabriel was sitting there listening with us and 2 the Holy Ghost was verifying that all that was being said as indeed true and was there to comfort my soul and strengthen my testimony.

Among the other talks I listened to I also loved: I Know It. I Live It. I Love It. by Ann M. Dibb, Becoming Goodly Parents by Elder L. Tom Perry, Protect Children by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, The First Great Commandment by Elder Jeffery R. Holland & By Faith All Things are Fulfilled by Elder Marcus B. Nash.

Please click on any of these links to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or to be spiritually uplifted. I know that I’m very thankful for the direction I receive from these great speakers.

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