Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

On Sunday we went to our regular church meetings, came home and had dinner and then headed up Provo Canyon. Our purpose was to enjoy a beautiful family drive and get some family pictures too. I think we ended up getting some great pictures.

family pictures 119-e

I really like this one but one down point to doing them ourselves there was no one behind the camera to tell me to lift Gabie’s Lightening McQueen car a little higher.

family pictures 067-e

family pictures 028-e

family pictures 039-e

family pictures 096-e

family pictures 073-e family pictures 025-e 

family pictures 055-e family pictures 101-e

family pictures 227-e

family pictures 111-e

family pictures 231-e

These next picture was taken in front of the Lehi Mills building.  The first 3 we took  Jenna was pulling a weird face, which we scolded her for and then she only wanted to frown.  Next we managed a good one but Isaac wasn’t looking at the camera at all.  So we tried 2 more times and then Madison had a weird face in both of those. So after all that we gave up and decided to do one with everyone pulling a face. It’s a good thing we really like the one in the leaves better anyway.
The 6 small ones are not edited but the large one obviously is.

family pictures 284 family pictures 286family pictures 287 family pictures 288family pictures 289 family pictures 290

family pictures 291-e

family pictures 340-e

The kids wanted a picture one this little guy.

family pictures 013-e

These last two are the scenery ones we liked the best.

family pictures 037-e

family pictures 201-e

Overall I’m very pleased with them all and impressed that we were able to do them all on our own.


  1. I love them all. and of course you could do them on your own. I have been doing it for years. Keep doing your own and you'll get better and better. And you'll learn to look for those little things like lifting Gabes car higher. Now, when do I get them emailed to me in full size so I can order them to update my framed photos. Or where can I go to order them? Love you.

  2. Wow.. just have to say it is gorgeous up there right now!!! One thing I don't like about Arizona is that we don't have pretty autumns like this.. :(


  3. These are awesome!!! I love how they turned out!