Monday, September 24, 2012

Utah Valley Renaissance Faire

On Saturday we went up Provo Canyon and went to the first annual Utah Valley Renaissance Faire. It was $25 for our family to get in and it was worth it. We walked through a lot of little shops first. We watched a Potter make a Vase and the kids all thought that was really cool. Isaac asked him several good questions. Then we tried some flat bread that would’ve been what peasants ate.

Then we went into a large tent and watched a presentation about Falconer’s and the purpose’s of being a falconer. It was very interesting to learn about. They had a Kestrel, a falcon, a couple hawks, an owl and a Golden Eagle. One of the hawks he flew right over our heads. The owl he told us that although they are linked to the word wisdom they really are pretty dumb. He explained how falconer’s use their birds to actually hunt for them. They each have different things they are good at. Some are owned more for status than practicality.

Next we went to check out the swords and got there just in time for Katie & Madison to take a short, long sword class. They called it a form of martial arts and the girls both said it was hard. We had fun watching them and they enjoyed trying it.

We then went and ordered fresh pizza from a brick oven it was delicious. David and I had the Thai Curry Chicken Pizza, Katie & Madison had Pesto Pepperoni & Isaac & Jenna had smoked corn on the cob instead of pizza. It was a bit pricey so next year we’ll take a lunch. While I waited for the pizza to get done David took the kids to watch a duel to the death with all the royalty there watching as well. They enjoyed that too.

There were a lot of people dressed up and Jenna wore our one dress left that I made years ago when we all dressed in renaissance clothes for Halloween. David and I have our still but they are currently in Idaho and I probably wouldn’t have worn mine anyway, it was too hot. Crazy enough Jenna is the only child that we didn’t get a picture of. Also there was a gypsy belly dancer roaming around and every time she walked by Isaac was sure to inform us that she was NOT dressed modestly. I’m glad that bothers him and I hope it continues to bother him in his teen years.

Overall is was a fun day and we’ll go again next year if we can.

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (1) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (2)

Above is the Baker and the line of shops.

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (3) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (4)

Above, more shops and Isaac helping to work the wood lathe.

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (5) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (6)

The Kestral & Falcon above then the two hawks below.

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (8) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (13)UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (14) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (17)

The Hawk the flew over everyone, the owl, then below the Golden Eagle & the girls learning swords fighting.

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (21) UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (24)

UtahValleyRenaissanceFaire (25)


  1. I had such a blast helping Isaac with the lathe! Would you mind if I use your picture in my facebook album? I didn't have a camera to take photos of myself. -Stuart Davey, woodturner-

    1. Stuart-
      It would be fine with me for you to put our picture of you and Isaac on your Facebook page. I will send you a copy through messaging on Facebook.