Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we went to Idaho. I had been kinda training for a 5K on Labor Day weekend in Pocatello. My cousins in the Miles Family run in this race every year. It is called the Pocatello Run the Gap Marathon. Jane invited me to run the 5K this year with their family. I said I’d think about it and decided I should prove to myself that I could do it.

So we left our house on Friday night and headed to Pocatello. We got caught in traffic and new we were going to miss the deadline to pick up my 5K Packet, so we called our good friends Lane & Serena Marley and asked Lane to pick up my packet for me. I’m so glad that they were able and willing to help me out with that. When we got to Pocatello we visited with Gary & Colleen and went to bed to get a good night’s rest before the race.

Saturday morning we went to the Ross Park Aquatic Center where I got on a bus that took me to the starting point of the 5K. We started at the county jail on 5th street at 9AM. I started with my Aunt Marilyenn, cousin Leslie, Crystal & Jane’s oldest Miles. We’ll after the first mile and a half they all were ahead of me but I did great at keeping up with the pace I’d set in my training. It wasn’t a fast pace and I had to walk every few minutes but I pushed myself. I ended up running with my friend Amy Crowder, Amy had ran in a 5K the last weekend and was suffering from shin splints so I’m sure any other day she would’ve smoked me but it was great to know someone through the race and to finish with a friend. The race was not severely difficult and I finished with a good time for me. My official race time was 44:49, when I had practiced here at home I usually got 50 minutes except one time when I got 40 minutes but the first mile was all down hill and I know that my pace was faster than usual. So I’m happy with my official time since none of it was really down hill, most of it was flat with a few ups and downs.

When I got to the finish line by the Ross Park Pool my family was there waiting and cheering me on. When I passed them they all yelled and cheered me on it almost made me cry to feel so much support. It was exciting and gave me the energy to push through to the end a little faster. Then I grabbed a drink and went to greet my family. They all had hugs and congrats for me and my dad even said if I wanted to train for the 10K next year he’d run it with me. That was a surprise but I told him we should try and see what happens. So now I have a year to get ready for a 10K or maybe we’ll just do the 5K again and shoot for a better time. David & Ben even said they might do it with me. We’re also trying to talk Katie into doing the 5K as well.

Pocatello 5K (3) Pocatello 5K (4)
Scott & Jane ran the 10K and came in first.
Pocatello 5K (8) Pocatello 5K (11)
Crystal, Miles & Leslie came in before Aunt Marilyenn but I don’t have their pictures. Then Amy Crowder came in just before me.

Labor Day Weekend 025 Pocatello 5K (23)Pocatello 5K (35) Pocatello 5K (44)
I loved that I had so much family there to support me. Dad and Isaac were playing, Isaac asked grandpa to do the airplane (lay on the ground and put Isaac on his feet in the air) Dad said nope but still swung him around and played rough with him. Isaac love it!
Pocatello 5K (45)
I’m glad mom got a picture of me and my sweetheart hugging. David has been so supportive of me and very encouraging even when I don’t want to hear it.

On Sunday we went to church in Lava with my family. The kids didn’t want to go to their classes but they finally did. Isaac was a stinker, in primary they had a ward member dress up like Moses for the Sharing Time and Isaac told my mom (who is in primary) that he knew that wasn’t really Moses because Moses died a long time ago. After Primary he told David that if he had gotten to go up to “Fake” Moses he would’ve pulled his beard right off because he knew it was fake. He said they didn’t do a good job on the beard that’s why he knew it was fake. He is such a silly boy.

We went home and had dinner and visited with family. The kids played on the 4 wheeler and in the mud and I loved on Paytin. It was a great weekend.

Labor Day Weekend (5) Labor Day Weekend (7)Labor Day Weekend (10)
The girls played Twister & Bryan really wanted to help Madison.

Labor Day Weekend (9)Labor Day Weekend (12) Labor Day Weekend (15)Labor Day Weekend (22) Labor Day Weekend (28)Labor Day Weekend (40) Labor Day Weekend (42)Labor Day Weekend (47) Labor Day Weekend (33)Labor Day Weekend 010 Labor Day Weekend (32)
The Green Bug was on Gary & Colleen’s house we thought it looked pretty cool. It looked just like a leaf. Isaac was muddy because he kept crouching in the mud while the girls drove by on the 4 wheeler and splashed him. He had so much fun! We all loved on Paytin she is so dang cute and getting so big. And Dad broke the chair he was sitting in so mom took pictures of him sitting on the deck instead of level on the chair. The chair broke right underneath him but it was a slow process, it was funny.

Monday we got dressed in our Sunday clothes and drove to Brigham City to go through the Temple Open House. We had an appointment for 3:45 and got there at 2:45 but the line was very long so we got on the bus to the Temple and proceeded to wait in line. The line started at the back of the Temple and went all the way around the Temple then into the parking garage and weaved around until after 2.5 hours we finally started the tour. Isaac wasn’t very impressed since he was so tired from waiting in line and it was getting late. The girls loved the Temple and we’re all excited to attend the dedication on Jenna’s Birthday. Isaac will be staying at our neighbors since he isn’t old enough to go to the dedication. Katie teared up when we came out and told me she felt Gabie while in the temple. She is always very in tuned to the spirit and I hope she’s able to keep that with her as she grows older.

Brigham City Temple Open House (1)
We caught this picture as we waited in line and thought it was very pretty.
After the tour we went to Peach City and had Hamburgers, Fries & Milk Shakes for Dinner. Katie and I had ours and Grandma Egley’s favorite Black Walnut.
Brigham City Temple Open House (4)Peach City Black Walnut (2)

On Tuesday our fun continued: We had Mom, Stacy, Clayton & Kaleb come and stay with us for the week. Clayton had his 6 month check ups with several of his doctors, so they stayed with us instead of driving back and forth everyday for his visits. We didn’t get much sleep but we sure enjoyed having them here. The kids loved playing with Kaleb. They’d chase him and tease him, he just loved all the attention. He is such a cute little guy. David and I decided that he reminded us of Gabriel. They both are always smiling and happy. Maybe it’s just his age too but his yelling and jabbering made us remember things that seem to slip away from our memories of Gabie. It was nice to have him and everyone else visit us. I love having my mom and sister here. Stacy and I made 12 loaves of Zucchini Bread and 48 Zucchini muffins the we also make 8 dozen Chocolate Chip cookies. We ended up taking most of it to a Bake sale put on by a family in our ward where all proceeds went to the flood victims that I wrote about in my last post.

Monster Truck

Madison & Isaac got to ride on the Monster Truck for the Flood Fundraiser. Isaac said it was very scary and he should’ve went to the bathroom before he went for the ride. He didn’t have an accident but we thought that was funny. Katie was babysitting and Jenna went with Katie so they weren’t with us when we went to the fundraiser.

I don’t know the out come of the fundraiser but I was so impressed with how quickly it came together and all the participation. On the 17th there will be a concert at Neptune Park that is another Fundraiser for the flood victims. I’m so glad that they have so much help.

David and I went and cleaned out some of a basement last Friday and we were so glad to be able to physically help someone in our ward and we’re taking dinner in to a family tonight and we did on Sunday too. It’s so great to be able to show service to our friends and neighbors. We hope to continue in anyway we can .

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