Monday, September 24, 2012

Jenna Turned 9!!

Yesterday was Jenna’s 9th Birthday. We started the day out by going to our Stake Building for the Dedication Ceremony for the Brigham City Temple. Isaac wasn’t old enough to go so it was just David & I and the girls. Jenna was pretty bored through the hour and a half meeting and when we were all done she told David first of all it was really weird and second she didn’t get it. That comment made us laugh and we discussed the purpose of the meeting on the way home.

Once we got home David started dinner and I started working on decorating Jenna’s birthday cake. We had already baked the cake and froze them for easier frosting then we had also cut out the fondant flowers the night before as well. So I had to frost the base of the cake and decorate it. David helped with the white picket fence since he’s so good at being anal with straight lines and consistency. I put all the girly décor on the cake.

Jennas9thbirthday (4)

Jennas9thbirthday (6)

Katie helped Jenna make a poster board about Jenna to take to school since she is the star student this week.

Jennas9thbirthday (7)

As I was finishing up with the cake my mom and dad made a surprise appearance to celebrate with us. So we visited a while then right before dinner was ready we opened gifts and sang happy birthday. Then for dinner we had Ham, Corn & Roasted Potatoes all things Jenna requested. I think Jenna had a good birthday and was happy with all her gifts, cake and dinner. I was proud of Katie & Madison too for taking their own earned money and buying gifts for their sister.

I can’t believe how big all my kids are getting, the years just fly by. Jenna is still so little, I don’t think most people would guess she is 9. Just for an example the shirt she wore for school pictures last week is the same shirt she wore for school pictures in Kindergarten, crazy right. She is growing taller a little but she is just so dang petite.

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