Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Isaac’s First Lost Tooth

Isaac has been babying a loose tooth all week long, we kept telling him to wiggle more and more. I think he was wiggling it but not pushing it hard enough to really do any good. I keep giving him apples to eat hoping something would loosen it enough to pull out. So tonight he was complaining a bit about it bugging him and wanting it out and I went to check it again. Sure enough it was very very loose and so I grabbed it with a dry dish cloth and pulled and twisted just a tiny bit and out it came. He whined for a little bit but not because it hurt just because he saw some blood. Silly boy!!

So tonight he’ll receive his first $1 from the tooth fairy and I’m sure he’ll start losing his teeth right and left now that the first one is out.

Madison also lost a tooth yesterday and the tooth fairy visited her tonight as well. She left a note for the tooth fairy that said.

Dear Fairy,
I’m sorry it has plaque and a cavity.

I thought that was too cute. I always love it when they leave a note, but usually it’s demanding exuberant amounts of money for their “very valuable teeth”.

Isaac's Lost Tooth 001 Isaac's Lost Tooth 003


  1. Happy boy! our toothfairy doesn't give dollars, just coins. and I've listened to the kiddos complain about it, but nothing's changed :) toothfairy is stickin' to her guns ;)

  2. I loved this story! I am a nanny and the little boy lost his 4th tooth last night (he doesnt like having missing teeth) The tooth had been loose for over a week and we decided it really was time for it to come out and told him to wiggle it really hard and he saw blood on his finger from it and totally freaked out from it not the fact the tooth hurt coming out.