Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for all 4 of my kiddos. They were all excited and got ready on time and everything. I’m sure the being on time will become more and more stressful as the year goes on. I’m super excited this year because we have all these great new neighbors and several who want to carpool, YAY!! No more driving everyday 2 or 3 times a day and more if I want to help in the classroom.

First Isaac has to be silly when I’m taking pictures then after several silly ones we got a good one and then we also got a picture with his new 1st grade teacher Mrs. Llewellyn.

Isaac 1st Grade (4) Isaac 1st Grade (5)Isaac 1st Grade (6) Isaac 1st Grade (3)

Jenna got a haircut last weekend and so I think she looks super cute. Then on Monday we found some great deals at Downeast Basics Outlet and so all the girls were sporting their new clothes and looked so cute. Jenna is in 3rd Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Fleming.

Jenna 3rd Grade (1) Jenna 3rd Grade (3)

Madison’s hair is getting longer and longer as seen in her new pictures. I love it, it is so beautiful and she is starting to look more and more grown up. Madison is in 5th grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Roberts, who she cried when she found out she had her until the first day and then decided that she will be a fun teacher and not mean like kids had told her last year.

Madison 5th Grade (1) Madison 5th Grade (3)

Katie started Middle School this year, she is a big 7th grader. I can’t believe she is so grown up. She’s becoming a very kind and sweet young woman. She still needs some patience with her siblings but that’ll come. She also got a cute haircut a while back and Aunt Melinda trimmed it up nicely for back to school, I think it makes her look even more grown up. Maybe I’ll make her grow it out and put it in pigtails so she doesn’t look so beautiful(I wonder how that would go over, LOL).

Katie 7th Grade (1)

My first day of school was busy and uneventful at the same time. I took the kids to school took pictures and made sure they all got settled. Then I came home just in time to go to work. Work was fine very simple and the same as most days but I really do enjoy it. After work I came home and got a elastic cutting station set up in the basement for Katie. (To earn a little extra money Katie is going to cut skinny elastic for my bosses business.) Once I got that done honestly I don’t remember what I did, I think I just tidied up the house and did some dishes until it was time to get the kids. When I picked up the kids I had them all take turns telling me about their day’s and their teachers. Madison was overflowing with information about her day. She loved her teacher, she got to sit by two of her best friends. Jenna wasn’t quite so excited but had and acceptable first day. Isaac said his favorite part of the day was the yummy lunch I sent with him (boy all the way right, it’s always about the food). So the next hour was homework and signing forms for teachers. Then Katie came home and we started over with her day and she had a great day and was excited about the friends in her classes and all the cute boys, Ugh!

At 4 I went Visiting Teaching and although we only have 3 ladies we all like to chat so I didn’t get home until 7pm. By then David was home and there was no dinner ready so while I left yet again to arrange carpooling assignments with a neighbor David made ramen noodles for dinner. When I returned dinner was ready and everyone was watching a cartoon. We ate dinner and in the middle of dinner David and I had an argument that upset the kids and lasted well into the night. I was not speaking to David for a while and Isaac was very concerned he was so dang cute going from David to me trying to fix it and find out what needed to happen to make everything better. He kept telling David to come talk to me and to fix it. He’s such a sweet boy. While I was angry I was getting snacks ready for the kids lunches the next day and I had 3 baggies of mini chips ahoy cookies. I was planning to separate them into baggies so there was enough for all the kids. I got 1/2 done when I realized I was counting out 5 baggies of cookies instead of 4 baggies and that started some major water works. Between the argument with my sweetheart, the girls crying because mom and dad were arguing and Isaac trying to fix it and then realizing I was putting cookies in a baggie for Gabie I pretty much bawled the rest of the night. I really haven’t cried that hard since we were in the ER with my baby. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t stop, I got lightheaded from hyperventilating and David worked very hard to calm me down for a goo hour. Although we have our disagreements at times, I truly love that man and I’m so thankful to my Father in Heaven for sending him to me to be my eternal companion.  David and I decided that although my day wasn’t incredibly stressful and I wasn’t fully aware that I was missing Gabriel. I was stressed out and so was he, I was and still am missing my sweet boy and I missed having my kids home with me even though I was only home by myself for a couple of hours. This morning when I got up I was still very tired, my eyes were still swollen, I had a headache, my cheekbones hurt and my muscles ached. Tonight I’m finally feeling a bit better and hoping to have a restful night with no crying. I’m so glad that this job became available and is perfect for me so I’m not home alone as long as I would be otherwise. I still wish I was chasing a 3 year old but that’s not the reality of my life so although it is difficult and sometimes unbearable I know I’ll make it and everyday is a day closer to holding my sweet Gabie Baby again.


  1. glad I'm not the only one who argues with her husband.. Your kids are beautiful.

  2. sending big hugs your way!! I'm sure your Gabie was watching you from above when you went to put those cookies in a bag for him and it made him smile so big! He knows his mama loves him so, so much :-) prayers for you and your family today & always

  3. Your kids are so adorable!!! They looked great for their first day!

  4. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I know your Gabriel is with you always!