Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Few Things to Update…

Madison got stung by something in the grass. We’re unsure of what it was and Benadryl didn’t do anything for it, so we went to see Dr. McManus he gave her a prescription for a steroid to stop the reaction and take down the swelling. It still took a good 3 days for everything to look normal. Now we’re having her watch closely to all bees and stinging things just to be cautious. It could be very bad if that sting was higher on her body. Dr. McManus gave us a prescription for an epinephrine pen but until we get insurance we won’t be filling that prescription.

Allergic Reaction Madison (1)

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and we’ve been having spinach, berry smoothies and the kids love them. Everyday they ask if I’m making smoothies.

Spinach Smoothies

Madison had two French braids in her hair for a couple of days and when we took them out her hair looked so beautiful. I can’t believe how long it’s gotten. When Melinda trimmed it this last weekend she commented on how healthy it looked. I’m glad she’s started taking such good care of it.
Then also this month Madison got a retainer put on her teeth, she had two teeth that stick out and came in higher than all the rest so the retain will hopefully pull them into line with her other teeth.

Long Hair Aug.2012 (2) New Retainer

Isaac finished his T-Ball this month as well. His 2nd to last game he got hit 3 times by the ball once in his chin, once in the leg and once in the boy place. He only cried the time it hit that most tender place.
On the day of the last game he received a gold medal and was so excited he wore it all day long.

T-Ball Medal

Sativa sent this picture to me me last week. She got a cricket and this was something she made and put it on her car’s back window. Such a sweet thing for her to do to remember out sweet Gabriel.

Sativa's Car

On this last Thursday we were on our way to Idaho to visit Elizabeth & her boys who were visiting from Texas. David had a vendor meeting to go to Downtown Salt Lake City Thursday morning so we all drove him to the hotel where his meeting was then the kids and I went to Temple Square where we went and watched Joseph Smith The Restoration of the Church in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Jenna and Isaac were bored and Isaac wouldn’t stop asking me a million questions. Madison and I cried through most of the show, it is a very moving depiction of the trials Joseph Smith and his family faced while restoring The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Katie enjoyed it and Jenna and Isaac were happy when it was over.

After the show we all walked over to the new City Creek Mall. We stopped into Nordstrom’s and I bought a pair of TOMS that I’ve been wanting to get since April. I put them on and rubbed a couple holes in my heels while walking through the rest of the mall. The mall is pretty big and I love the outdoor feel. We went into The Disney Store which the kids loved and we found some Gap jeans for David for $16. Then we hurried back to the car, picked up David and headed to Pocatello.


When we got to Pocatello we headed to Gary & Colleen’s after picking up new light bulb for our right rear blinker. Then we waited for Elizabeth to come over. We were excited to see them, it has been just over two years since we saw them last and last time it was for Gabriel’s Funeral so as happy as we were to see them we were a bit overcome with our grief.
Gary & Colleen prepared Hawaiian Haystacks or Polynesian Sundae’s (which ever you call them) for dinner and we all had a wonderful dinner, Richard, Josh & Sarah joined us as well. After visiting and a lot of playing with the wagon in the backyard we all headed over to Richard and Melinda’s.
That night the older kids all had a sleep over and the ladies visited for quite a while until we were all tired.
On Friday we started the morning off with breakfast at the Donut Shop. They kids all loved going out for donuts. Several of them tried Maple Bars with Bacon on top and most of them liked them. Ethan, Corban & Josh all had 2nd donuts since one wasn’t enough for a growing boy and Corban didn’t love his Maple Bacon Bar. After our breakfast we returned to Richard and Melinda’s house to get ready to go to a movie. We met Elizabeth, and her little boys and Gary and Colleen at the theatre. We had previously decided to go and see the new Ice Age movie. We were excited to see it although when they told us it was $8 a person for Adults and $7.25 for children we were a little upset at the price. When we asked the theatre about it they said they have no competition so they can charge what they want, greedy greedy.
Anyway the movie was great and it was even better to watch the kids enjoy the movie together. After the movie we all ran some errands and then returned to Richard and Melinda’s for dinner with everyone. We had a great dinner and then had to say our goodbyes. I’ve been very emotional and when I was able to say goodbye with out sobbing I was quite proud of myself. But I miss them already, I miss the fun times we all used to have with a bunch of little kids and playing games all night and visiting with my great SIL’s. We missed seeing Michael and Sherry and kids too. Elizabeth and the boys left early Saturday morning and made it 1/2 way there and returned home safely on Sunday.
As for us we stayed in Pocatello on Saturday and came home on Sunday. Saturday I got up not feeling so well so I stayed close to the restroom all day. David did go yard sale shopping in the morning with Richard and after my request for him to find me an Elliptical for $25 like the one Richard had found for Melinda, we were shocked that he actually did find one. In fact it was the exact same model. Then they figured out how to fit it into the van. Our ride home Sunday was a bit cramped but we made it and now I have an Elliptical to exercise on.

Cousin’s Breakfast (missing Sarah, Haden & Deacon)
Donuts for breakfast (1)Katie, Madison, Josh & Ethan
Donuts for breakfast (3)Jenna, Mason, Isaac & Corban
Donuts for breakfast (6)

I also have some pictures of all the kids in a group but we left our camera in Idaho so I’ll have to add those later. (And now it’s Later)
So we took a bunch of pictures and several funny ones and then just as we thought we were all done we realized that Corban was missing from all the pictures, so we ran and got him and then took some more with everyone.

cousins w.o corban (8)Cousins

Then on another side note I stated working at Shabby Rose Trim on July 30th. I’m learning to print orders, answer customer questions and fill orders for the owner Kim who is in our ward. Kim was looking for someone to help take some of the strain off of herself. With a thriving business two small kids and a 3rd one on the way she has a lot keeping her busy. I was so excited when she said she’d like to meet me and I was what she was looking for in an employee. David and I had talked several times about me getting a part time job when the kids went to school since all 4 of them will be in school full time this year. So far I’ve loved the job, it is doing things I enjoy and I feel like I’m picking things up at a good rate. I also really like the ladies I work with and the opportunity to get to know them.The kids have missed me in the mornings but once school starts they won’t even notice I’m gone. If any of you are interested in the items that Shabby Rose Trim sells here is the link to her shop. http://www.etsy.com/people/shabbyrosetrim?ref=pr_profile there is a lot of really cute things if you’re into making cute hair accessories and any other accessories with rose trim. All orders are cheaper if ordered in bulk so really it’s focused more on businesses but can be a great place for individuals too.

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