Sunday, July 29, 2012

Three Sisters Hike

Yesterday we got up bright and early and headed out for a hike. David had been invited to go on a hike with two of his mission companions and two friends from Slovakia. The first friend we met was Natalia Seidlova who had just arrived in America on Thursday. Natalia is living with a former Slovak Missionaries family in Orem while she goes to UVU. We were asked to pick her up and bring her with us to Brighton Ski Resort. Natalia was only about 3 when David served his mission so of course she didn’t remember him but he brought some pictures that he had from his mission with him & Elder Jenson playing with Natalia and her brother.

David, Natalia & her brother
We drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton Ski Resort where we would begin our hike. After talking to Lubica on the phone to straighten out a miss communication of where to meet we all ended up at the head of the trail to begin our hike.
Three Sisters Hike 002 (Medium)
We were introduced to Lubica Skumatova. David met her on his mission while serving in Zilinia, Slovakia. Then we were introduced to Derek Jenson (me for the 2nd time) who was David’s companion while serving in Zilinia. David and Derek left the MTC together and finished their mission together. We also met Brandon Olsen who was David’s companion in Bratislava, Slovakia. Brandon wasn’t able to start the hike with us but he met us later on and finished it with us.
There were wildflowers everywhere and David got several pictures they were all beautiful and I was very glad I had a Zyrtec and Flonase in my system before we left.
Three Sisters Hike 010 (Medium)
The hike was very steep the first mile, after that first mile we reached Lake Mary. Lake Mary looks like a man made reservoir with a dam. It was very beautiful and we sat there and rested a bit before continuing on.
Three Sisters Hike 018 (Medium)
Three Sisters Hike 040 (Medium)
The next mile or a little over a mile wasn’t as steep and an easier hike. We passed by Lake Martha on our way up the mountain to Lake Catherine. Lake Martha was still pretty but not a lot to look at, it was quite small. The trail had several switchbacks but we were thankful for the shaded trail most of the time and less elevation change. Isaac was our leader the entire 2+ miles up the trail he had so much energy and had to stop and wait for several of us many times. All the kids had their walking sticks and all the Adults with us along with several passing hikers commented on how cute they all were with their walking sticks and how they are all such great hikers.
Three Sisters Hike 054 (Medium) Three Sisters Hike 061 (Medium)Three Sisters Hike 073 (Medium) Three Sisters Hike 083 (Medium)Three Sisters Hike 086 (Medium) Three Sisters Hike 103 (Medium)
When we got to Lake Catherine we sat down and had lunch/snacks and played in the water a little bit. All three lakes are off limits to swimmers because they are a water source for the Salt Lake Valley. We did let the kids wade in to their ankles and David invited them to dunk their heads with him, per his tradition since his mission.
Three Sisters Hike 123 (Medium)
David and I took several pictures at Lake Catherine of all the head dunking, a couple chipmunks that the kids loved seeing everywhere, we remembered Gabie in the sand on the beach of the Lake and some how Madison became very popular and everyone wanted their picture taken with her. Lubica said it was because of her beautiful long hair. I think everyone enjoyed watching the kids pretend and play like they were pirates, Indians, & hobos rowing a boat out onto the lake. They were very entertaining but Madison is usually the leader with the great imagination.
After Lake Catherine we turned around and headed back down the trail. The trail to Lake Mary flew by and we all chatted and had a very enjoyable time. The kids were starting to get tired and Isaac was losing his energy, his little legs were tired and coming down the trail he would often stumble and fall and he kept tripping himself with his walking stick when he got talking and not paying attention. We took a few more pictures on the way down and then stopped at Lake Mary to wait for Brandon Olsen to make his way up to Lake Mary where everyone could visit for a bit. It was around 1pm by then I think and Isaac was tired but he sat semi-patiently and visited with Lubica while Derek and the girls were trying to catch tadpoles. David, Brandon, Natalia and I visited a little bit too before we all decided to head down the rest of the trail.
Three Sisters Hike 212 (Medium)Three Sisters Hike 213 (Medium) Three Sisters Hike 217 (Medium)Three Sisters Hike 219 (Medium) Three Sisters Hike 222 (Medium)
The rest of the way down we again very steep and Isaac and Jenna were struggling so David and I brought up the rear holding their hands all the way down so they wouldn’t fall. David and Jenna still made better time than Isaac and I. Isaac was whining with every single step he took saying his legs hurt and his feet hurt and he was too tired and he wished we hadn’t gone up so far so he wouldn’t be so tired. He wanted me or Katie to give him a piggyback ride but it was to steep for me to feel like that was safe. When we got to the car we were all exhausted and ready to head home.
Three Sisters Hike 225 (Medium)
Derek, Ada, Lubica & David
All David’s friends had made it down sooner than Isaac and I and they left quickly in search of a bathroom and told us to meet them at the bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon and we’d go get Sno Cones. So that’s what we did, then we followed Lubica to two separate Sno Cone Shacks only to find that they were both closed. We then decided to go into Dan’s grocery and get a cold treat and visit for a bit before we all went our separate ways.
Three Sisters Hike 230 (Medium)
We had a great day with everyone and would love to do it again anytime. It was great to meet these wonderful people from David’s mission and see David be able to visit with them and remember good times.

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