Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gabriel’s 2nd Angelversary…

Today has be quite a day. I started the day out with week 3 of Couch to 5k. I ran around the track at Syringa Elementary by the time I was running my 3rd .25 mile I was beat so I clicked on my power song Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill. Then I realized I needed a little more help so I asked my sweet boy to help me finish my goal of running until I hit 2 miles. I did feel a bit of strength I didn’t know I had. I had previously skipped the song Walking on Sunshine because I knew it’s make me cry. But when I finished my 2 mile mark I started Walking on Sunshine and I grabbed Jenna and Isaac and told them we were going to dance to Gabie’s song. They looked at me a little funny but I decided it was a happy day when Gabie danced to this song and although those memories are tender ones, it could be a happy day again. I believe this event started my day out just how my boy would’ve wanted and it really was a good day.
We ran all our errands, got a Jamba Juice, some Bath & Body Works, 6 Blue Delphinium sprayed white roses, 12 balloons, peerless for shampoo & conditioner. We went and visited Larry and saw all the great work he’s done on his yard. Then we grabbed some Taco Bell for lunch. Relaxed a bit then headed out for the Cemetery. We put the kids in the car picked up KFC for our dinner picnic. Just as we were getting ready to leave town we remembered we left the roses and balloons at Gary & Colleens so we went back got them, stopped at the Maverick and got some drinks then headed to Lava.
When we were close it was raining and we were a little concerned about our picnic but as soon as got out of the car it stopped raining but was overcast enough to cool the day off. We spread out our blankets and had a nice lunch together sharing memories of Gabe with each other.
Gabe's 2nd Angelversary 001 (Medium)
Katie remembered making cookies with Cassidy & Kaitlyn and they added too much salt so the cookies weren’t good at all but Gabie sat on the floor and ate several and he seemed to love them. He was covered in chocolate.
Katie's pictures 018 Katie's pictures 020
Madison remembered that every morning since she and Gabriel were up first she would get him out of his crib (although, he really was pretty big for her) she would change his diaper and clothes and get him a bottle or sippy cup of milk. She is really the only one who had him all to herself those mornings.
Jenna remembers helping Gabe learn to walk. She wanted to help him so much she’d keep picking him up trying to help him balance then gently letting him go.
Isaac’s first started to recall the movie he and Gabie were watching when Gabe stopped breathing and I stopped him for one we wanted to focus on happy memories and two I really couldn’t hear that story and it breaks my heart that my boy still remembers it so well. But then he went on to share his memory of seeing Katie walk behind Gabie and give him little pushes to help him when he was just getting the hang of walking.
David said he remembered watching Gabe play in the sprinkler a couple weeks before he died. He remembered seeing him splash and yell at the sprinkler and run in and out again as soon as he got water in his face.
June 2012
I remembered dancing with my boy to Walking on Sunshine a memory that has been with me a lot lately and I remembered everything about each of the others memories. I also said I remember coming downstairs and finding Katie leaning over Gabie, who was in a tiny doll cradle and Katie had him all wrapped up and a bottle in his hands. Katie was mothering him and he was letting her. He was really to big for the cradle and most babies his age would never lay there when they could be running around but he was ok with his sister mothering him.
Gabe July 09 (9)
We also talked about this picture below. I walked in and saw this and asked Isaac what he was doing to Gabe, his reply was that Gabie almost feel off so he wrapped his legs around him to keep him from falling. Gabie was just laughing and clapping.
Boys 003 (Medium)
After we had shared our memories that family started showing up. We wrote our messages on our balloons and sent them to the Heavens then took some family pictures.
We also had friends and family release balloons for us from other places in the country. I’ll continue to add them to this post as I get them.
These are the pictures sent from Weston Idaho.
Our Egley’s cousin’s:
caleb.balloon Caleb gave his balloon a kiss,
Clayton.balloonClayton & his balloon to his cousin & friend.
Justin.balloonJustin is always thoughtful when it comes to Gabe.
Sandy Norwood who is my cousin Shane’s Aunt took her Daughter Candace and Granddaughter Lili out and released a balloon in remembrance of our sweet Gabie. (Balloon released on July 12,2012 from Riverbank , California for Gabriel approx 4:08 pm)

Sandy.1 Sandy.2
Sandy.3 Sandy.4 Sandy.5
The sweet Keller Family released balloons for our Gabie and for our friend Preslee who’s 2nd Angelversary is next week on the 16th of July.
Kellers.1 Kellers
I have been pretty good all day crying wise but when I saw this next picture I cried. I don’t know the little girl but her and our friend Matthew are currently in Primary Children’s Hospital they have both had heart transplants and felt it was appropriate to send balloons for Gabe and for their own donors. Matthew is actually waiting for his 2nd Heart Transplant and is an inspiration to me. He has the best attitude and when around him you can’t help but smile and be happy to be in his presence. I’m so extremely touched that amiss their own many struggles they thought of us on this day.

Balloon’s released from our Saville cousins and Huffaker & Wilks Families in Boise.
Boise Balloons 2012 (1) Boise Balloons 2012 (4)Boise Balloons 2012 (5) Boise Balloons 2012 (6)Boise Balloons (6) Boise Balloons 2012 (2) Boise Balloons 2012 (7) Boise Balloons (2)  Boise Balloons 2012 (3) Boise Balloons (1) Boise Balloons (3) 
A Big Thank You to our cousins in Tempe, Arizona Brian, Claire, Caiden, Chase & Kyler!!
Uploaded now but will add more pictures as I receive them. Smile


  1. Thank you for sharing all those sweet tender memories and picture of Gabie. You have a wonderful family, I know Gabie has to be proud.

  2. What a precious day! I wish I would have thought to send a balloon I thought of sweet Gabe all day! Next year I will do the balloon release! I love the pics and the memories. You are such a loving family! Hugs

  3. I'm thinking about your family and your precious Gabriel. The video of him walking is one of the cutest videos I've ever seen in my life. What joy he brought to your family and how lucky he was to be blessed with your loving family. Sending love and prayers your way.

  4. Thinking of you and your sweet family!!

  5. I am glad the day was tender for you. I love all the memories. I feel like that is one of the hardest parts about having P live all of his life in the hospital sick. No one really has a bunch of memories about him.

    I love that all those people released balloons for Gabe!