Saturday, July 7, 2012

Continuation of Busy Week…

So I know I said a lot before but there is more to the week.

So I forgot to mention that on Tuesday I had planned to have grilled tilapia for dinner.

On Monday we had grilled pork chops for dinner (they were boneless, thick and had quite a bit of fat around the edges). We always grill our pork chops and the fat cooks off but we always forget what happens when we use the grill again afterwards.
So we got the fish grilling left it for about 5 min and then went to turn them over and the grill was on fire. All the fish was more than cooked and yes we had Del Taco & McDonalds for dinner that night.Smile



When I talked about our meal on Wednesday it was so good I made sure to take pictures before we ate. David and I bought rib eye's for our Jalapeño steaks and they were mouthwatering (David actually ate 2) We’ve also went through a lot of Strawberries recently and watermelon of course. Corn was de-stringed and then smothered with a butter and seasoning concoction then the skin placed back over it wrapped in foil and grilled. It was good but not my favorite.



The next two pictures are first Isaac on 3rd Base at his game today (just because he’s cute) & second David and I at the movie for his Birthday earlier tonight. We went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner then to The Amazing Spiderman at the Megaplex in the DBOX seats(they move and vibrate with the action in the movie.) It was a good movie and the seats were fun for a one time thing, really they were too expensive to make a habit and somewhat distracting from the movie itself but a good experience.

TballBirthday.Date.July (1) 

The next album is of David with the kids and the gifts they gave him. Madison made him a sweet card that resembled a Dr. Pepper Bottle. Katie painted a picture of David before he shaved off his go tee yesterday, Jenna made him a creative cake from paper (with Katie’s help) & Isaac drew him a picture and tried to give him his hulk action figure and bumble bee car(David told Isaac he’d borrow them for a while). I bought David Mass Effect 3 and some XBOX points which he always wants. David’s mom and dad sent him a nice card with some money in it and my parents gave him a Home Depot gift card (which he already has several ideas for). Then there is the delicious cheesecake he made that is heavenly, but also very sweet and rich for me since I’ve sworn off almost all sweets. I think overall if you asked David he’d tell you he had a great Birthday this year. Which makes me happy because next week will be hard and I’m glad we’re all going into it with something happy to start with.

Then on a different note, tonight when we came home from our date we found a gift bag on the counter with a card to The Savilles. We opened the card first and this is what it said (the card outside says “One of the nicest things in the world, is knowing someone cares.” card inside “If it helps to know someone cares, I do.” Then handwritten “We knew this was a rough week, so we wanted to get some fun things for  your family to do as you remember Gabe & celebrate your eternal family. Have a great , safe trip to Idaho! Love The Parrys”

Then we found all of the things shown in the picture below in the gift bag. Of course I cried and am doing so again while I type this. Then we left immediately to go up the street to tell the Parry’s thank you. I told Kim that I truly felt when we moved here no one would care enough about our loss that they’d even notice when we are struggling. In my mind I always knew people would be compassionate to us when we shared our story but I also felt that we’d never find friends and ward members that cared so much for us to mourn with us and try to ease our grief. I guess I assumed that we left that ward in Idaho and a new ward that had never met our sweet Gabie would ever understand or be the same. My thoughts and feelings have been proven wrong and I am oh so thankful that they have been. This gesture of pure love, compassion and friendship has truly touched both David and I. It seems that every time I turn around the Lord is showing me that this is where our family is supposed to be and than he knows of our needs, of our pain and our fears and he’s always sending me answers even when I don’t ask for them. I Love my Father in Heaven so very very much and I feel so loved to know that he is thinking of me daily and answering my prayers and helping me in ways I didn’t even know I needed help. So although this may seem like a simple act of kindness, it is a huge blessing and testimony builder to me to know that my Father in Heaven will send his earthly angels once again to my door to help me when I need it most no matter where that door may be.

Thank You Parry’s for letting the spirit guide you to us this week.

Gift.from.Parrys (Medium)


  1. Your week looks like so much fun!! And what a sweet neighbor. Thinking of your family especially gabe this week!!

  2. You guys have been busy. I am also so touched my your sweet neighbors. I am so glad that you continue to have earthly angels around you. Hope you are filled with peace this week and are able to feel Gabie near as you remember him.