Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Ok so you’d think that after reading my post title I’m posting something happy, well not so much. Here’s the story. I have the song Walking on Sunshine sang by Katrina and The Waves on my walking playlist and I have so many songs on there I’ve never heard it play since April when I started walking, until this week. This week also, the emotion’s about Gabriel’s 2 year angelversary quickly approaching on July 12th are starting to surface.

So Monday morning I go walking and I hit the button for a power song and what starts playing, none other than Walking on Sunshine. At first I thought this is a great song and I’ll be fine then as soon as the chorus starts in I start sobbing. I cried as I ran all the way around the track during the whole song. Then on Tuesday I stayed home and exercised on the Kinect so no playlist. Today I go walking again and sure enough I need a power song and what does it go to Walking on Sunshine again, so I bawl again as I run.

Now to explain you need to watch the video below.

Gabie Dancing to “Walking on Sunshine” April 2012

I know the video isn’t that great and you can’t hear the music in the background but I remember filming it like it was yesterday. I was cleaning and listening to music when Gabie started dancing around the front room to Walking on Sunshine. Now you understand! Every time I hear that song I cry, I love the song still, but when I hear it, in my mind, I see my baby dancing in the front room and when he falls down at the end I remember picking him up kissing his chubby cheeks and dancing through the rest of the song with him.

So when I heard this song now twice this week when I was already missing him I cried because I felt like he was there reminding me that he’s ok, he’s with me still and he’s happy just like he was that day. I only wish I could pick him up kiss his cheek and dance with him. I so miss my Gabie Baby!


  1. Oh Amy, I'm so sorry! I've been thinking a lot of my Caydin lately. His angel day isn't until August, but most of my last memories are of summer activities. I'm so glad Gabe was able to send you a love message, even though it hurts too!!

  2. you are so, so right! Your precious Gabe is sending you signs letting you know he is okay, he his dancing up above, laughing & smiling. One day you will hold him again Amy. I know it! Sending love and prayers your way.