Friday, June 22, 2012

Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain Dumpfire

So yesterday a fire was started by people who were target shooting at metal sheets and a spark started the fire in the dry brush. This is what we were told by neighbors who were told by a firefighter. So it’s probably pretty accurate but we’re not sure if its completely accurate.

Anyway we watched the fire all day yesterday and were worried about my cousin Shannon & her family who live  in Eagle Mountain City Center. The fire was more on their side yesterday. They never got evacuated though so we went to bed.

This morning things quickly changed to more focus on our side of the mountain. At about 12:30 we were evacuated from our home. Since then we’ve only got a few updates from the news and twitter but we’re keeping in touch with some neighbors who are still in the area. It sounds like the fire came down to about 300 yds. from our neighbors one street up from us but they quickly got it contained.

We’ve seen pictures of a lot of fire crews up working hard on the fire and are so grateful to them. Currently 4000 acres have burned and 2000 homes in Saratoga Springs have been evacuated and 300 in Eagle Mountain. Everyone who has been evacuated today can’t go home tonight so we’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow. We are safely in Lehi at the Tolman’s house and a good friend and blog follower met us at Smiths and took Goliath to her house to keep him safe.

We’re praying that they make some progress on the fire tonight. They have 4 helicopters on site and one air tanker but at 8am another tanker will be coming in. We know several families whose homes are in more danger than ours so we will be praying for their homes as well as ours.

I have a few pictures from yesterday and today but nothing too recent. Fox13 is the best source for information that we’ve found.

This video is about 30 or 40 min before we left our house.




  1. Holy cow! That is crazy! I'm glad you guys are okay, but I'm sorry you had to evacuate; I'm sure that is very stressful! You guys are in my prayers!

  2. Oh my goodness, scary! I hope it gets put out fast! Keep us posted.

  3. So scary!! Ive thought of you as weve watched the news!! Praying your back in your home!! Big hugs mama