Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Week in Idaho Part 2

Tuesday morning was slow getting going and we weren’t sure what we were going to do. We got all our stuff put together and then decided to go downtown to play at the park and do some ice blocking. There is a hill in Lava by the LDS Church house that is perfect for sledding and ice blocking. I think all the kids had fun. Clayton wasn’t to sure of the ice blocking and Audrina was leery too but she rode on Grandma’s back and Aunt Stacy and Aunt Amy’s laps. I have several pictures and also several videos. After Ice blocking we went back to mom and dads and had homemade Oreo Ice Cream and Huckleberry Ice Cream. Then we headed into Grandma and Grandpa Savilles in Pocatello.

Grandma & Justin, Stacy & Audrina, Katie & Jenna & Madison
Madison, Grandma & Katie
Madison, Mom & Katie
Aunt Stacy got them going very fast! They loved it!

Tuesday night we had dinner with Grandpa & Grandma Saville then the kids all went to have a sleep over at Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Sam’s apartment. I went out to Kiwi Loco for frozen yogurt with my good friend Jen Jeppson.

On Wednesday I picked up the kids and then we went and saw Dr. Scott to give Katie a booster shot and to check Jenna’s ears for an infection. It turned out that Jenna’s ears were so full of wax the dr. couldn’t tell if there was and infection or not. We’ve been using wax softener in her ear and the pain seems to be better.

After the clinic we went to G&G Savilles got dressed for some of the kids then we met Melinda, Josh & Sarah at Wendy’s for lunch. After lunch we ran some errands then went to Brooklyn’s Playground to play for a while. The kids loved the playground, I was very impressed with it. It was built with money the community all donated and it’s main focus is to be used by children with disabilities. It really is a great playground. After the playground we went to Tastee Treat for ice cream then back to Richard & Melinda’s house. Isaac stayed there and played for awhile, while me, Katie, Madison & Jenna joined the Holman Wards Relief Society Mother Daughter evening. They had games and small service projects and took pictures. We also had treats with a Chocolate fountain. We had a very nice time and were so happy that they thought of us and invited us to come. After that we went back to Richard & Melinda’s ate some dinner and watched the second Sherlock Holmes that just came out. I was beat so I fell asleep about 3/4 of the way in.

Thursday was a very busy day Madison and Jenna went to the Stake Activity Day’s Activity and had a lot of fun seeing all their friends. Madison went to Abby Mortimer’s house after the Activity and played for most of the day there. It was Abby’s birthday which we didn’t realize but it worked out great. Katie, Cassidy Burt and Adriana Ferrara went roller-skating at Deleta for a few hours and had a lot of fun. Jenna and Isaac went to the Bates house and played with Lexi and Jaymon for an hour or so while I ran errands and picked up fathers day gifts. I was able to visit with Cherene Bates and then later on the kids played with Adriana, Annalisa and Mariah Ferrara while Angela and I visited. Then we went to G&G Savilles and gave Gary his gift and then we hurrried over to the Hillary’s for dinner. Breck had invited us over on Tuesday so we were excited to go and visit with them. The kids got to play with Brynne and Gentry whle Breck and I visited. It was so nice to visit with our wonderful neighbors. For dessert we went back to G&G Savilles and had S’mores. We initiated their new patio and fire pit. Gary & Colleen have been doing a lot of changes to their back yard and it looks so great!

All in all we had a very nice time in Idaho for the week. We were tired every night and excited that we got to see so many friends.

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  1. I'm so glad they got to spend the day together. It made Abby's day.