Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Week in Idaho Part 1

We left Saratoga at 9am and got to Lava at 11:30am we made great time. We waited for mom to get home from Church. Then we waited for Matt & Alice and Jared & Sativa and Ben & Sam to come for dinner. We had a great dinner of steaks and hotdogs on the grill and then Dutch oven potatoes, and Alice brought a good dessert salad. We had a good night and we celebrated Paytin’s 1st birthday. I was fun to be able to be there for Paytin’s birthday when we aren’t close enough to be to everyone’s parties.


Monday morning when Stacy & the boys got to Grandma’s and Alice & Bryan came up. Stacy and I walked a mile up the canyon and mom rode the 4 wheeler by us. We made pretty good time even though the whole1st mile was all uphill. Coming home downhill was much easier. Then we got all the kids ready for a day at the pool. We packed lunches and grandma’s screened tent and off we went. We got to the pool at about 12:30 and we didn’t leave until 5:30 with only a few sunburns. Everyone had a lot of fun. I have decided that my kids are getting too big. Katie and Madison can go out into the 4ft with no help and they are responsible enough to be left with little Kaleb in his floating tube and they carried Audrina around in her floating shirt. I was able to sit and enjoy the sun without worry about a baby. If things were as they should be I would’ve been sitting on the stairs playing with a happy 3 year old or chasing him all over to keep him safe. It was a bittersweet realization that I am a mom of growing up kids and although I hadn’t planned to be without a baby so soon, that is my reality. I missed him playing with his cousins yesterday. But I enjoyed playing with Kaleb & Audrina and talking to Bryan whenever he’d let me. Bryan is kind of a momma’s boy so he’s not very trusting of most of us, but he did like Madison. Isaac was so bold and told Aunt Alice that her Swimming Suit was immodest and so I felt bad because Alice was feeling self conscious of it part of the day. I told her is was cute and not to worry about her outspoken 6 year old nephew. I love coming and hanging out with my mom and dad, brothers, sisters and nieces & nephews.

I tried to narrow the pictures down but there are just too many good ones.

Isaac’s video we sent to David who was in Florida…

After Swimming all day we came back to moms house and dad built a fire so we could have smores. We ordered pizza from the KOA and they delivered it to the house. It was great pizza. Then we sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows and had smores. I love watching all the cousins sit and have conversations together. We also played a lot with Grandpa’s new puppy Buffy, she is 1/2 Blue Healer and 1/2 Australian Sheppard. She’s super cute and will be a good cattle dog for dad.

Isaac & Justin playing on my iPad and Madison & Audrina playing on Madison’s iTouch.

Cousins (2)

Dad’s new puppy Buffy…

New.Puppy.Buffy (1)

Katie was very tired after a day of swimming…

Tired Katie (2)

Today we’re thinking about going ice blocking downtown and I want to go visit my Gabie Baby. More posts to come when I have more pictures and things to post.

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  1. I love big family gatherings! It sounds like you guys are having a great time! I think one of the hardest thoughts about loosing a child are the "what would have been" moments! Even though you weren't in the pool with your Gabie, I'm sure he was there relaxing with you on the side!!

    The Up house is located at 13222 S Herriman Rose Blvd, in Herriman. You might want to google it before you go. We drove in several circles before we found it, and it's kind of in a weird place! We do like the Aquarium, although you might want to check before going out. They are in the process of building a new, amazing building for it, and I know sometime this summer they will be closed for 6 months as they transition to the new place. When the new place is done, it will be awesome (although we still liked it before!)