Sunday, June 3, 2012

Katie’s 6th Grade Advancement

On May 30th Katie had her 6th Grade Advancement Ceremony. They were sure to specify that it was not a Graduation just and Advancement. The district only recognized one Graduation and that is in 12th Grade. I had been disappointed earlier in the week because there wasn’t a Kindergarten Graduation and all my girls got on in Pocatello but I suppose this is just one of the things done differently here.

Katie’s Advancement Ceremony was semi long but it wasn’t too bad. The Principal Mrs. Holbrook spoke a few times and Katie’s teacher Mr. Perkins spoke, he told the kids how much he and the other two 6th grade teachers loved all their students and he got a little choked up about it. Two students spoke and the Kiwanis Club awarded 6 Hope of America Awards. Two of the girls are friends of Katie’s and in our Ward. The kids also sang Because You Loved Me By Celine Dion and I got teary eyed watching Katie sing up there.

The handing out of their certificates actually went pretty quick. I’m sure it would’ve seemed faster if Isaac hadn’t been laying on me the whole time asking when it was going to be over. Late that day we found out Isaac, Jenna & Katie all had Strep Throat so no wonder he was whining and wanting to go home.

I was very proud of my big girl and still can’t believe how quickly she is growing up. And of course I cried during the ceremony…

Katie’s class and Friends!

6th Grade Advancement 004 (Medium) 6th Grade Advancement 008 (Medium)6th Grade Advancement 010 (Medium) 6th Grade Advancement 011 (Medium)

Walking in to the Graduation Music. Singing.

6th Grade Advancement 015 (Medium) 6th Grade Advancement 021 (Medium)

Waiting for her turn to go up. Receiving her Certificate.

6th Grade Advancement 023 (Medium) 6th Grade Advancement 026 (Medium)

Moving her tassel over. Blowing me a kiss.

6th Grade Advancement 031 (Medium) 6th Grade Advancement 033 (Medium)

Me and my big girl, she’s growing up too fast!

6th Grade Advancement 034 (Medium)

The week before Katie’s advancement the 6th graders did a talent show and here are the video’s of the talents Katie was involved in.

We Will Rock You!




Katie is the arms on the left!

She had a lot of fun! Then on the 31st Katie had her first Piano Recital. She played Spanish Dancer and Rubber Ducky. She did a great job and was excited to play on such a beautiful piano.

May 31, 2012

piano recital 027

I also had to add this cute picture of Katie and Ethan. They loved to listen to Rubber Duckie over and over when they were little. Grandma & Grandpa Saville would turn it on, on the player piano and they’d dance around the room with their little yellow rubber duckie's. When Katie chose to play Rubber Duckie for her piano recital I remembered this picture and thought, she’s loved that song her whole life.

Katie & Ethan Surrendering

On another completely different note on Wednesday night we had to go to a new family doctor for the first time since moving. We went to a very nice guy in our ward, Dr. McManus he has a daughter Katie’s age. It was a good experience beside the fact the kids were sick but we couldn’t help but deeply miss Aunt Melinda behind the desk and Nurse Shalynn and Dr. Scott. We’ve gotten quit attached to that office and miss them very much.

doctor 001


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