Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

First of all I need to add a couple update posts from the last couple of weeks. Then I’ll get to the point of this specific date.

Last Day of School (1)

This picture was taken the last day of the school year. The kids only had an hour and a half of school that day but they were all sick with Strep Throat except Madison so we went into their classes and grabbed their report cards and then went home. Katie was pretty sad to have to leave but she really didn’t feel well at all. Isaac and Madison were happy to go home and Jenna had mixed feelings. I made them take this quick picture because this day marks the very last day that all 4 of my kids are going to school in the same school. If Gabie was here that of course would’ve never happened but as things are it did. Next year I will have a 7th Grader, 5th Grader, 3rd Grader & 1st Grader. We’re so proud of all of them they all came home with straight A’s and had a great year at their new school here in Saratoga Springs.

On June 2nd I was excited to attend the College Graduation of my Cousin Melissa Cotner. I picked up my cousins Karen & Jane and we went to The Maverick Center where we met with Melissa & her family, Shannon & her family, Shane, Nick & my mom and dad and some really good friends of my Uncle Gary and all his kids. The ceremony was pretty long but Shane and Nick kept up entertained with their silly comments. We were all so proud to be there and support Melissa in this great accomplishment. It was a hard day for her since her dad (my Uncle Gary) passed away last year and she missed him being there. But we all knew he was there in spirit and was very proud of his daughter. Melissa is now officially a Licensed Registered Nurse.

The picture below go as follows, #1 Jane Harmon, Shannon Jewkes, Melissa Cotner, Karen Sandstrom and Me. We are 5 out of the 7 Easter Granddaughters.

Melissa's Graduation 2

This picture was taken after the graduation at the Olive Garden. We all went out to eat together and it was so much fun to have an awesome reason to celebrate together. In the last 2 years we’ve only gotten together for funeral’s and it was such a great day to get together to celebrate such a great person and her wonderful accomplishment. Melissa, Mom, Me, Dad and the Cody Jewkes on the other side.

Melissa's Graduation 1

This is the whole group outside of the Olive Garden. I’ll list everyone from left to right. Back Row Jane Harmon, Nick Bowman, Brian Sellers, Shane Easter, Kenny Cotner, Dad. Middle Row Me, Cody & Sterling Jewkes, Shannon Jewkes, Melissa Cotner, Mom and Stephanie Sellers. Front Row Kenley Jewkes, Ivy Meeks & Ian Cotner.

Melissa's Graduation 3

Now on to post about today! Today is David and I’s 14th Wedding Anniversary. I really can’t believe 14 years have flown by so quickly and I’m scared the next 14 with fly by even faster. In 14 more years Katie will be 26, Madison will be 24, Jenna will be 22, Isaac will be 20 and we will have not had Gabie with us for 13 years and 10 months.

These 14 years have been great for the most part. We’ve made many many wonderful memories and had some very difficult trials to overcome, and trials we are still working on overcoming everyday. But I can truly say with tears in my eyes that I never ever could’ve or would’ve wanted to have any other man stand by my side and bear me up than my sweet husband David. He has been my strength on so many occasions and he is the only one who can truly make me laugh and feel better when I am as my very lowest. Our marriage has been strengthened so much since we lost Gabie and we really weren’t struggling marriage wise before. We’ve always been happy, we’ve had our days that we are upset with one another but I can honestly say we’ve never gone to bed angry and we always communicate our feelings to each other. David has taught me so much and I’m continually proud of him and how he supports and presides over our family. He is a great blessing to me and I Love him dearly. I can think of no one better who I would want to spend my eternities with.

I Love you David!

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  1. Congrats on 14 yrs! That is amazing, it sounds like you guys were made for each other!

  2. happy anniversary!! Gabie is smiling down at you!!

  3. Way to go on 14 years! That's a wonderful accomplishment!