Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dump Fire Aftermath

On Sunday we made a quick trip to Eagle Mountain to pickup Goliath from the awesome family who offered to keep him during the evacuation. Thanks again Foster Family!

Anyway on our way back from picking him up we took pictures of the now Black Lake Mountain. Each Picture will be labeled what part of the mountain it is so you know what you’re looking at.

Then Yesterday someone in our neighborhood printed a big sign and invited all of Jacob’s Ranch to come and sign it and put hand prints on it to give to and thank the amazing fire fighters who saved all our homes. We are all so very thankful to them. If you look close the arrows and pink point out us.

Fire Fighters tagged

Also on Sunday David, Katie & I had to speak in Sacrament meeting at our church and we had been dreading it. When we got evacuated we hoped we would get out of speaking, but no such luck. Honestly we were happy to be going to church and seeing all the wonderful ward member faces and know that we had all survived what could’ve have been a huge tragedy. Not one structure was lost to what they say now was over a 6000 acre wildfire. Everyone who was home on Sunday was so thankful to be home that we actually made it through our talks grateful to be there to give them. David spoke on Being in Tune with the Music of Faith and used his Guitar as a great analogy. I spoke on The Vision’s of Prophets concerning The Relief Society and I introduced our family, I also introduced Gabriel and made sure our ward knew he IS part of our family and we miss him dearly and do not want him to be forgotten. Katie spoke on the 4th article of faith. We got several compliments on our talks and we felt good about the spirit that helped up to deliver the words the ward needed to hear.


  1. Wow, thankful that you did not lose your home.

  2. Glad everything is okay, and sounds like you gave some great talks!!