Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend…

On Friday we headed up to Lava Hot Springs to start our Memorial weekend. Friday night we had dinner with Mom, Dad, Ben & Sam, we stayed up late visiting. Oh and Mom made homemade Butterfinger Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream, YUM!!

Saturday Matt, Alice and Bryan joined us. I wanted to go for my walk so I got Mom & Ben to come with. Alice, Bryan & Matt followed on four wheelers. We walked/jogged down to Koester’s Ben & I walked/jogged back to the house. It was 2 miles and I did it in 34 minutes. Ben and I ran from the end of the lane to the top where Dad parks his work truck. I thought about quitting 1/2 way up the hill but Ben pushed me on and I made it!

Dad and David spent Saturday morning replacing all 4 brake pads on the van and the front rotors. A tire shop in Utah was going to charge $400 for the labor and Dad obviously only charged us for the parts which was considerably cheaper. So thankful for my mechanic handy Dad! When they were done we went inside and shortly after, it started to rain. Sam did a MaryKay color consultation on me, and made me all beautiful. Then I got Gabie’s flowers arranged and ready to take down to the cemetery. We went to the cemetery in the pouring rain and froze as we changed things up there. We took down the Easter decorations and put up a Dragonfly Chime that Grandma Egley bought for Gabie. We put pinwheels in front of Gabie’s headstone and my Dad’s brother, Hyrum’s headstone. We also added some blue roses to Gabie’s, since those are what we had for his funeral.  I hated leaving the cemetery as I always do. I just can’t ever believe that this is my life and I have to visit & leave my sweet boy at the cemetery. But it helped that we were all freezing from the rain, I didn’t have time to sit and think about it and fall apart like I usually do.

Weather was not looking great on our way to the Cemetery but still so beautiful!

Memorial Weekend 2012 002 (Medium) Memorial Weekend 2012 007 (Medium)Memorial Weekend 2012 011 (Medium)

We thought about going to Pocatello for a movie but it got too late and Chet and Stacy decided to come up and join us. When Chet, Stacy & the boys showed up we had a great dinner prepared by mom and then went outside to take care of Hannah the calf and the chickens and ducks. The kids all loved doing that and especially Katie enjoyed it more than I would’ve guessed. Next all the ladies plus Katie & Madison got MaryKay facials. It was fun to spend that time together. David read a lot and all 4 brothers of mine were laughing hysterically at some app on their phones, they seriously laughed for at least and hour. It was fun to see them laughing so hard. After all that we again stayed up too late visiting and enjoying each other. Chet, Stacy & the boys stayed the night along with our family and Ben & Sam, oh and Audrina too. It was one full house.

Sunday morning we all got up and had a big Egley breakfast together then started getting ready for church. Chet & Stacy went to church with mom and dad, Ben and Sam went home for church and we got ready and went to the Holman ward for church with Gary & Colleen. We were able to visit with many of our friends and loved being back in our “other” home ward. After Church we went back to Gary & Colleen’s and had a delicious dinner of Chicken Enchiladas, which Gary kept calling lasagna, we were giggling about that because we corrected him once but he just kept doing it. The next day when David and I were getting ready to leave and take some leftovers I called them lasagna too, silly I know. Richard, Melinda and kids joined us for Sunday dinner too and it was very nice to visit with them all.

After dinner I took a nap and the kids watched a movie, then we went to Richard and Melinda’s for two haircuts and a movie with treats. Melinda always has the best treats so my eating healthier took a break for the weekend. Katie got a very drastic haircut and is donating the length to Children with Hair Loss. Jenna wanted a drastic haircut but her hair was already short so it really just got a trim. We stayed late and went back to Gary & Colleen’s for the night.

Katie's Haircut (1) (Medium) (2) Katie's Haircut (4) (Medium) (2) Katie's Haircut (5) (Medium) (2)Katie's Haircut (9) (Medium) (2) Katie's Haircut (10) (Medium)

On Monday we went to Fred Meyer to visit with Larry for a few minutes then we went to Richard & Melinda’s again for a great bar b que. The food again was amazing and I didn’t even try everything. After dinner we headed out to come home. We made it back home in 2.5 hours and unpacked pretty quickly. Then the kids relaxed with a movie and David and I played some Diablo III. It was a great weekend and we really enjoyed it.

Just a side note on Diablo III, David and I played the 1st and 2nd Diablo’s together when Katie was just a baby so we were excited here 11 years later having the 3rd one come out. It’s a good roll playing game and we really enjoy our time together on it. We used to play with Michael too so we’re waiting for him to get his copy on Father’s Day and join us.

Diablo III

Today I got up and ran 3 miles in 47 minutes which is my best time and I also did my best mile. It’s kinda fun to out do myself, although it is very tiring too. I wanted to make a note of my progress too, just for my personal records. I started exercising 3 days a week on April 1st but soon I bumped it up to 4 days a week and upped my distance and pace. On April 19 I started losing weight and as of today I’ve lost 16lbs. I also took several body measurements on April 24th and then again today. Overall in several different places put together I’ve lost 10.5 inches. That doesn’t count the weight I’ve lost in my face. I’m excited to be doing so well for me and I’m glad I haven’t lost any motivation.


Last of all we were asked to post some before and after neighborhood pictures since so much has changed so quickly so here those photos are too.

The first two were taken last September when we looked at the house the first time. The pictures are looking southwest and northwest.

Summerhill House (37) Summerhill House (38)
The next two were taken on Christmas Day looking Northwest, down the street.

Christmas Day (51) Christmas Day (52)

The next three are from Jan. 18th Southwest, west & northwest
misc 002 (Medium) misc 003 (Medium)misc 001 (Medium)

These last 5 were taken this May 28, yesterday. The neighborhood has grown quite quickly. We’re so excited to welcome our new neighbors.
Memorial Weekend 2012 060 (Medium) Memorial Weekend 2012 062 (Medium)Memorial Weekend 2012 063 (Medium) Memorial Weekend 2012 065 (Medium)Memorial Weekend 2012 066 (Medium)

This picture is of Isaac playing for the first time with Johnson & Mason Luke. Also in the picture is Brixton Mortimer who Isaac loves to play with too. The Luke’s just moved into the corner house next door and the Mortimer’s live in the house behind us at the end of the cul de sac.
Neighbor boys (3)


  1. As always, Amy, I am inspired by you.

  2. I can't believe how much Katie looks like you, especially with her hair cut. So cute. Way to go on the exercise!!

  3. What a great weekend!! Your doing awesome with weight loss and exercise. Thanks for the motivation keep it up!!

  4. you look wonderful! Gabriel is cheering down at you. I didn't get to know him but I love him :-)