Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katie’s Award Assembly

Katie called me today at 12:15 and told me they were having the 6th grade award assembly and she’d like me to come. So of course Isaac and I got into the car with the camera and went over. It was a bit on the long side because they have so many 6th graders and so many awards. After every different award was given out the teacher had everyone yell hip hip hooray, and everyone clapped when the students names were called out. About 1/2 way through I guess Isaac got bored because all of the sudden I caught him yelling his very loudest Boo Boo Boo every time a name was read. I told him that is rude and we don’t say that and he said very matter of factly “well it’s my choice what I say’. Needless to say I told him if he could cheer or clap nicely he needed to sit quietly.

Here are the pictures I got of Katie girl. I’m very proud of the awards she came home with. It seems that even though she is getting to be pretty snotty at home sometimes she is still a great kid most of the time.

Katies Awards 002 Katies Awards 003Katies Awards 007 Katies Awards 004Katies Awards 011

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