Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EMC World and Us at Home…

This week David is in Las Vegas at the EMC World Conference. He usually comes home with a lot of useless junk and several T-Shirts. So far it sounds like he has gotten lots of junk and no T-Shirts yet. He got a nice backpack though.

Sunday Night




On Sunday night after David arrived in Vegas I was trying to get the kids to go bed. The pictures to the left are what I sent to David to complain. Isaac was ignoring me and not getting ready for bed, Katie was wrestling Isaac and also ignoring me, Jenna was crying because Madison hit her & Madison was explaining herself. She said she smacked Jenna because Jenna didn’t pick up her stuff off of the floor.




EMC World 2012





The pictures to the Right are pictures David sent me from EMC World. He wants a big screen in our basement like the one in front of the bean bags. The backpack was a free gift. I’ll have more pictures to come once he gets home tomorrow.







Misc 001



From what David told me this picture was taken in front of a green screen and then he was photo shopped in. But there was a very huge Optimus Prime actually built that he took his picture with too. The kids loved this picture and the fact that their dad did the “fire power” pose was just icing on the cake. David said no one else was doing any kind of poses so when he did the photographer thought it was great. David said he’ll do anything for his kids. So very true, he’s a great dad!




Misc 002 This is what Katie has been working on this week. They were studying medieval times so she was asked to draw her families coat of arms and I guess a place where they might have lived. The scroll work on the Coat of Arm took her several hours to do, but it looks great. The Castle she traced off of the computer screen and added a Czech flag on top because that is where David served his mission. She also traced the dragon from the book Pillage on the side of the castle in the sky. The last picture is how far the kids and I got putting the trampoline up. We have to stake it down and the ground has more rock in it than dirt so it is proving to be most difficult for me. I don’t want to put the mat on until I get the frame staked down. I’ve seen too many mangles trampolines in our area.

Misc 003This house is our neighbor just South of us. We’ve been waiting months and months to get a neighbor there and today they laid the sod so the new neighbors “The Luke’s” will be moving in this upcoming weekend, hopefully. We’ve met the family and they seem really nice. Their oldest is Johnson who is 6, then Mason who I think will be turning 4 this year and London who is either almost 2 or just barely 2. Then they have a baby boy on the way as well. I don’t remember the due date. I’m a little jealous of their backyard landscaping but Alpine wanted to get that house sold so badly they through in complete landscaping for free. It looks great!

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