Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Drive up Israel Canyon


Sunday we took a drive and went up Israel Canyon. The road starts up the mountain about a block and a half from our house. It was a beautiful day and the road was mostly dry. We only found one spot that was a little muddier than I liked for my van. A minivan isn’t the best canyon vehicle, but it was still a very nice drive. We went up until the road got pretty covered in shell rock and I was feeling uncomfortable in the van on the road. So we found a good place to turn around and came home. David took the pictures below and I can’t wait to go again when everything is green and take more pictures then, maybe even some family pictures with the mountains and lake in the background. We definitely did move to a beautiful place.


  1. Your post below about Gabe and the tractor hit me hard. I felt the exact same way around Easter, and do better, and than Bam am in tears. I hate it, but those tears always feel healing afterwords. I too am grateful for the atonement, and man, I can't wait to meet Gabriel someday. :)

  2. What a beautiful drive! I love the lake in the background. Good family times.

  3. You did move somewhere that is beautiful! !! Love the lake in the background. Loved your last post about shooting. How fun. Looks like you all are doing well.