Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Day Target Practice

Today it is a lazy rainy day. Honestly I don’t think it’s rained yet, but it looks like it might rain any minute.

Katie and Madison each received a BB Gun from Grandpa Egley for their 10th Christmases. We’ve had a hard time getting them outside to target practice with the bb guns. Today David gave us permission to practice in our unfinished basement. It was fun for all and nothing was damaged.

Target Practice 022 (Medium) Target Practice 008 (Medium)

Katie aims with both eyes open which I can’t do, but she says it’s easier that way. Her first few shots weren’t great but the end she was hitting very close to bull's-eye.

Target Practice 015 (Medium) Target Practice 016 (Medium)

David helped Jenna learn how and she tried on her own but the gun is just to long for her little body. We couldn’t find where her bb went.

Target Practice 013 (Medium) Target Practice 020 (Medium)

David shot twice but not really aiming just making sure things were working correctly so I won’t hold my bulls-eye against him. Madison tried really hard and hit just about everywhere on the target except on the little orange circles. She was getting frustrated so I told her it just takes practice.

Target Practice 024 (Medium) Target Practice 030 (Medium)

All of my shots were inside the two inner circles and two were even on the bulls-eye. Then I tried to hit the other 4 bulls-eyes and hit to the right of every one of them. I need more practice too I guess.

Target Practice 036 (Medium)

Isaac played with the dominos while we shot since he’s not big enough to try yet.

meTarget Practice 039 (Medium)

Here is our Target. David is Orange, I am Red, Madison is Purple and Katie is Green.

This was fun and I’m sure we’ll do it again now that the girls know they like it so much. We do have several little holes in the plastic covering our insulation so next time I think we’ll go outside and put the target in front of a dirt pile.

4-12-12 (5) (Medium)

David took this picture Yesterday. He was excited to catch the clouds and setting sun in such a beautiful picture.

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