Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our goings on…

So just a quick update about a few things going on here.

I posted pics of the backyard, our next project after fixing the lawn mower and the sprinkler system will be to make box gardens and get our garden planted. Hopefully we’ll have that done in the next couple weekends.

This picture is of the broken sprinkler pipe that David dug up and fixed it. This was our first issue with an electric sprinkler system. David did a great job fixing it and now our yard is looking very green.


Last weekend on Sunday we had a surprise visit from my mom & dad and they brought Ben & Sam too. We had a nice visit and had dinner together. Then we watched Mission Impossible 4 together and during one part of the show Dad totally jumped and smacked mom in the arm. I’ve never seen him jump so big before we all had a good laugh about that. Dad is always trying to make all of us jump but this time he jumped really good.

Since the beginning of April I’ve been eating healthier and exercising at least 3 times a week. But this week me and my friend Raquel bumped our walking up to 4 miles and I’m also working my upper body on the Kinect a few days a week. Today I even decided to do the fitness part of Dance Central 2 and it was really fun. With all my exercising I’m burning over 500 calories a day and I’m feeling really great about it. I haven’t even had or craved a Dr. Pepper since my Birthday. I’ve had 2 Diet Dr. Peppers but really I’m just fine with my flavored water. Today we had two other ladies join us Michelle & Stephanie and Brooke came with us the other day. It’s been really fun and I look forward to it every day.

I’ve also been making more healthy dinners and trying new recipes. If we come across anything we really love I’ll post about it.

Just to make a note we just noticed that Goliath is very lethargic and we’re just a slightly worried about him. We’re hoping it’s just the warm weather we had today and we’ll be watching him close tomorrow and through the weekend to see if he perks up. He has already out lived Jezebel so really he could go anytime.The hard part is that we had to put Jezebel down because her quality of life was gone and I really wish Goliath would just die of old age on his own. It’s so hard to put them down. I guess we’ll just hope for the best and pray that things go as they should. I think the kids would really be heartbroken without him.

Anyway that’s what’s going on here lately. I hope to post more good news about the yard, my exercising and Goliath in the future. 


  1. Can't wait to see how the yard turns out! And I am way impressed with your exercise routine and healthy eating! I would love any healthy recipes you come across- I get so sick of the ones I have. I hope Goliath gets feeling better soon, that is sad.

  2. Way to go on eating healthier! You guys have been so busy with your yard! Its coming along great! I agree with jennie if you find good healthy recipes id love to know them!