Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Grief Benefit Concert

Last Thursday we went to the A Good Grief Benefit concert. I went at 3PM to help Molly and Vic set up and it was a wonderful experience. I was able to spend a little time getting to know Molly better and I was so honored to be asked to help with this awesome event. I was able to meet several other great and talented people who were also there to help. David and his parents and the girls came at about 6:40 and David got the slideshow running so that when Molly sang it would all go smoothly.

This year we were excited to hear from Angela Jefferies, Charley Jenkins, Jessie Funk, Kyle Olsen & Lea Cabrera & of course Molly Jackson. Katie and Madison were so excited to get autographs from all the performers except Charley Jenkins who they couldn’t find after the concert. Once again even though I was helping to get the projector running I still sobbed while Molly sang Hillary Weeks “Beautiful Heartbreak” and the slideshow ran during her song. I loved all the talented performers and was thrilled to be able to meet them and help in the best way I could.

After the concert I was able to meet a few Angel moms whose blogs I stalk frequently. We even got a group picture. I was sad that I didn’t get a chance to visit with Kendra and Ryan when they arrived I was busy and they left before I got a chance to introduce myself and visit. I was excited to meet and visit with Tiffany Rich & Kelly Pack and Tiffany’s friend (also an angel mom) Emily. I missed Ashley as her and Pat were unable to make it. I also missed Brigette Rushworth, I had hoped she’d make it but either I just didn’t see her or she was unable to make it. I had also hoped to meet Michelle Krainich who has a very insightful blog I love to read, I hope to meet her another time. I hope to plan a day for us angel families or at least moms to get together sometime this summer.

Benefit Concert 030The Event turned out great with Chick- Fil- A sponsoring and bringing chicken sandwiches after the concert and all the beautiful music and entertainment and a whole lot of wonderful people who made a difference in many families lives with their donations to this great foundation. I hope people continue to see the worth in helping families like ours who have lost their sweet children too soon and are in need of assistance. I can say I truly know how thankful we all are for your generosity.

Thank You!

The Tribute Video that was played at the Concert. The song is Beautiful Heartbreak by Hillary Weeks but at the concert Molly Jackson sang it with permission from Hillary. Molly did a beautiful job..


  1. Im so sad I missed this! My kids were sick. Im going to donate through the website though and hope they do the concert again next year. Id love to do a get together with other angel families that would be so cool. Big hugs!

  2. I loved going to this. We plan going every year. It was beautiful meeting you. Hope to see you and talk soon.