Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012

To start off our Easter Celebration we dyed Easter eggs yesterday.

Easter 002 (Medium)Easter 004 (Medium)

Then put the kids to bed so the Easter Bunny could come.

The Easter Bunny did not disappoint the kids woke up with trails of filled Easter eggs leading to the hiding places of their Easter Baskets.

Easter 021 (Medium)Easter 023 (Medium) Easter 025 (Medium)Easter 027 (Medium) Easter 030 (Medium)Easter 033 (Medium) Easter 035 (Medium)

They each received more treats than they really need and as a family we received two Hank Smith Talk CD’s, the PC game Helam and the movie 17 Miracles (which we plan on watching tomorrow after church).

Then as per our usual David photographed our colored Easter eggs. we just love the bright colors and we always so an egg for Gabie and like it to be the center of our picture. The sacrifice that Jesus Christ made so we can be resurrected and be eternal families is one that our family thinks of daily when thinking of Gabriel. We are so thankful for that great sacrifice and we love our brother Jesus Christ so much for such a great thing he did for us. These are the things we try to focus on during the Easter season, these are the reasons we celebrate.

Easter 010 (Medium) Easter 018 (Medium)

The pictures above are done with the many Crystal Candlesticks that Grandma Saville has given us. We though this was a good use of them.

Easter 036 (Medium)

Above: I really like this picture minus the background, but we wanted to outside light.

Below: These are picture David took trying to keep our view in sight with the bright colorful eggs.

Easter 046 (Medium) Easter 047 (Medium)Easter 048 (Medium)Easter 051 (Medium)

Side note: Shortly after it started to warm up outside Isaac had found amongst his Jelly Beans 3 “magic jelly beans”. He took them outside and buried them and poured two buckets of water on them. Then he came inside to tell me that they weren’t growing but he’s sure they will grow when it becomes nighttime because, and I quote, “I believe they are real magic beans”.

I love that boys faith he’s always making me think that I need to increase my faith by leaps and bounds. The other day he brought me a Cars shirt he had outgrown and told me to put in Gabie’s box. He’s done this several times and every time I tell him we don’t need to save clothes for Gabie because he can’t wear them. Isaac always reminds me that Gabie is coming back and when he’s back he’ll need some clothes. I’m so glad he has such strong faith and still acts like the big brother he is even though he can’t physically take care of Gabie now he is watching out for him for in the future.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Easter weekend. Love all the fun eggs! And I love the two stories about Isaac, magic beans- too funny! And about saving his shirts, that is so sweet! What an amazing kid.