Thursday, March 15, 2012

Neptune Park

Today I took the kids to the New Saratoga Springs Park. It has been getting great review’s from mom’s on Facebook. It really is a fun park we went at about 4:30 and stayed until 5:40 and the kids had so much fun. They didn’t even get into one argument talk about a mom’s fantasy, right? They were great to stay together because I didn’t want anyone getting lost in the mass of children everywhere. and they always asked me before moving to a new toy. It was wonderful!

So their favorite toy was the HUGE pyramid that was there to climb on, they went back to it several times. Except Jenna Boo who is scared of heights so I don’t think it was her favorite. I’d imagine everything that spun her in circles was her favorite. There are several circle spinning toys, a slide and a cool teeter-totter.  They also have an area for younger children to play in. It has a spaceship to climb on and a cool spinning fire pole to slide down. Isaac concentrated pretty hard on how best to slide down the pole, the girls went pretty quickly. We didn’t stay in the younger area for long since my kids are all getting so big. When we left the toddler area I sat on a bench while the kids played on the merry-go-round, as I was people watching my eye caught this little guy, probably about 13 months or so. I immediately teared up, he reminded me of my Gabie Baby and made me sad that I wasn’t chasing after a 3 year old on the little playground. Then I looked at my 4 precious children playing so well together and again got teary eyed. I was just so very thankful that I have them here with me, they bring me so much joy & happiness (most of the time). I remembered then that although I’m not chasing Gabriel around I am so very blessed to know I’ll be able to do that one day. I’m so blessed to have 4 earthly children to take care of, watch grow and learn. I Love my job as mom and everything that comes with it, including figuring out how to live with the grief of being a mom to an angel.

Thank you to my Father in Heaven for all my trials and blessings!!

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  1. How fun!! I love the pictures. I tagged you in my blog id love it if you play along :)