Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Isaac’s 6th Birthday!!

I can’t believe my big boy is 6! The years go by way to fast. I miss my little kids. Don’t get me wrong I like having everyone potty trained and able to help out when I need them too but I do miss the cuddling and mommy movie days and all those little kids things.

Yesterday Isaac turned 6! He’s been counting down for 18 days, every day he went to the calendar and counted how many days were left until his birthday. We took him looking a gifts several times and the only thing he was ever consistent on was new cowboy boots. Since shoes tend to be harder to buy without the kid I took him to Payless about a week before his birthday. We found the boots he wanted and bought them then I told him to forget about them. Every day he’d tell me “mom, I just can’t forget about those black boots” and I’d say “what boots?” he was getting frustrated with my old mom memory and kept telling me I’d better remember them on his birthday. The other thing he was sure of was that he wanted to eat dinner or lunch at McDonalds on his birthday and him and all his sisters that wanted one were to get a happy meal.

So yesterday started out kinda slow. The kids got up and went to school, it was a minimal Monday so Isaac got done at 10:00 and the girls were done at 12:30. While the kids were at school we had a very windy morning I spent most of my morning taking care of Goliath since the wind blew over his dog run. I had to bring him in the basement and calm him down. He was pretty nervous. When the kids got home we did homework and then went to play and visit with our new neighbors the Mortimer’s. As we were headed out Brother Hilton came and helped me stand the dog run back up and get Goliath resituated. Then we hung out at the Mortimer’s for a couple hours. When David called to say he was on his way home we went home and finished a few chores then headed out to Wal-Mart. While at Wal-Mart we did some shopping and Katie bought a gift for Isaac while we waited for David to arrive. Once David got there we made our purchases and headed over to McDonalds for dinner. The kids all ordered what they wanted, our two oldest have graduated from Happy Meals which means eating out is more pricey. While eating Isaac told everyone that “they get what they get and they don’t throw a fit, but he got whatever he wanted that day”. He was stating a point because he got the Happy Meal toy he wanted and told Jenna she couldn’t throw a fit about her Happy Meal toy. After dinner we headed home for gifts and cake. Isaac asked for a chocolate green lantern cake which was very simple. I love simple cakes! But to be honest David did most of Isaac’s cake this year, I only made the frosting. Isaac got all the gifts he asked for except one super hero figure that put him over the birthday budget. He got hulk fists to wear, black cowboy books, a Thor action figure, new jeans and a cookie monster shirt, glow in the dark stars for his ceiling and Katie got him a Bumblebee Transformer mask and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Grandma and Grandpa gave him a $2 bill and a bag of Easter marshmallows he didn’t have to share. Grandma and Grandpa Egley’s gift is on it’s way from Idaho on Thursday. Overall it went great and he had a great birthday.

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  1. Isaac is too cute! I love the cowboy boots and how he was so worried you would forget them, funny!

  2. What a cutie! Him and my Stefon are about the same age :). I love that he wanted cowboy boots that cracks me up! Looks like he had a great birthday!