Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweet Memories…

Today as we were getting dinner ready and I was melting down some honey that had crystalized, the kids thought of a memory we had all forgotten about David and Gabie. We were talking about how much we love Peppermint tea with honey in it and David sang just the little line “I’m a little tea pot”.  Madison then reminded us that she remembered when David would sing I’m a little teapot to Gabie and then we you get to the part that says “tip me over and pour me out” David would tip Gabie sideways and make him laugh. When Madison remembered this I immediately remembered David and I doing that with Gabie he loved it and thought it was so funny when we tipped him over. I’m so glad that my kids feel comfortable talking about their baby brother every day and reminding us of those sweet special memories that had slipped our minds. I’m also so very glad to have this blog where I can record these memories and have them forever in my blog book.

Another memory that David reminded me of on Valentines Day. It is a funny one (at least to David and I). We were fairly newlyweds still, it was our first Valentines Day as a married couple. I was at work at Wheeler Cat and David was at home I guess. Anyway I got a voicemail on my phone and it played this song that David heard in a McDonalds in Brno, Czech Republic. David said it is just the way things are in the Czech Republic. The song is called Shut Up and Sleep with Me by Sin with Sebastian.

So you know where this all came from, on this Valentines Day our 13th since we’ve been married we were just listening to random music and this song came on. We both started laughing and that memory came flooding back. When he left me that voicemail 12 years ago I laughed and laughed and now again when he reminded me of that voicemail I laughed again. One day this memory may embarrass my children and even now if we shared it Katie would be mortified but, this memory reminds me of one of the things I love most about my sweetheart. He’s always striving to make me laugh and he always succeeds. Throughout our entire marriage and especially in the past 20 months his light hearted nature has truly lifted my spirits when I’m in my lowest of low places. I Love that man and hope he continues to tease me and make me laugh forever and always.

 On a totally different note today I taught the lesson in Relief Society. This is the new calling I have received. I was terrified and felt like I rushed through the whole lesson. I felt like although there was plenty of information it just went by too quickly. The lesson was on Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel. I got complimented when the lesson was over and was told that the spirit was felt. That was my only goal and whether it was me giving the lesson or more likely just the contents of the lesson I’m glad that the spirit was there. The ladies were so very helpful in commenting and smiling up at me. Their smiles and comments made this task that I have been given much easier to handle. I hope in the future I can learn how to give a lesson more fully without reading quite as much from the book but the book is worded so well and perfectly for sharing the message my Heavenly Father wants these daughters of god to hear. I’m sure I’ll be just as nervous next time but I’m a little less intimidated by the wonderful women in our ward. I’m sure I will grow to love this calling and all the things I will learn from it.

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  1. Kids are amazing!! Not scared to talk about hard things! What sweet memories you have! Hugs