Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture Catch Up

I found some pictures that were from recent events that hadn’t yet made it into the blog so I’m just doing a picture catch up today with a few captions.

Mom and Dad came down a few weekends ago and spent the night with us two nights. They were on a mission to find a part for Dad’s jeep so they arrived later on Friday night and then early Saturday they went for a drive to find the part. Then when they came back we met them at Shakey’s Pizza for dinner (Shakey’s Pizza was my dad’s favorite Pizza place when he was in his early 20’s. There was one in Pocatello. So when he saw one in Lehi when we moved he and mom made a plan to visit it. He said the Pizza was just as good as he remembered it.) After dinner we went to Wal-Mart, Cabela’s and Best Buy. David got an Apple TV for his early Valentine gift (kinda). Mom and Dad bought some targets for Katie and Madison to shoot with their BB guns. Then mom and dad stayed with us Saturday night and Sunday morning we got up early and fed them breakfast before they left and we went to church. It was a lot of fun to have them visit.

Dinner at Shakeys with mom and dad (1) (Medium) Dinner at Shakeys with mom and dad (2) (Medium)

This is the Checkerboard Cake I made for our Valentine’s Day Dessert. It was quite good.

Checkerboard cake (Medium)

These two silly girls were eating their huge chocolate kisses with no hands. They discovered when then held on to the kisses the chocolate melted in their fingers so they decided it’d be better to eat them with no hands.

Valentines (2) (Medium) Valentines (3) (Medium)

This last weekend we took the kids down to the lake. Madison was in search of rocks for a school project and Katie wanted to skip rocks across the lake. They all tried their hand at skipping rocks, Isaac gave up after a few tries and just started throwing as many rocks as he could hold  all at once into the lake. It was really cold so we only stayed a few minutes but they had fun.

Skipping rocks (Medium)

On President’s day we went to Orem to deliver the last of our Books From Gabriel and on the way home we stopped by f.y.e which was having a huge closing sale. David found a 6-string Acoustic Guitar for $45. He knows it’s not the best guitar but since he’s been wanting a 6-string for quite sometime he just couldn’t not get it. It was normally $100. Then we took the kids to Toys R Us with the explicit instructions that they could look but not ask for anything. When we got to the isle that Isaac and David liked David found an Assassins Creed toy that I had looked for at Christmas time and couldn’t find so he decided to get that it was cheap. Then he found this Sentinel from Marvel that he was sure was only sold at a big gaming convention and he was shocked to see it at Toys R Us. He was so excited about it and just totally lite up. It was not cheap but I told him he might as well get it anyway. David very rarely buys anything spontaneously so once in a while it’s good for him to indulge and just get something he really wants but probably doesn’t need. I Love seeing him so happy, even though I thought the toy was ugly and forbade him from putting it up in our room.

David's toys (2) (Medium)  David's toys (3) (Medium)

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