Monday, February 27, 2012

Jake’s Blessing in Boise

This weekend we left for Boise. We left the house on Friday at 3pm and headed to Boise. We stopped once for a potty break and made it to Steven and Kayla’s at 8:30PM. The drive was long and we decided next time we definitely need to switch drivers half way so it doesn’t seem quite so long to the driver.

When we arrived the kids played a while and we adults visited and watched some silly YouTube videos. On Saturday we started the morning out slowly with Kayla making pancakes for breakfast and visiting. Around one or so we took the kids to the local Aquarium. It has been recently moved and we wanted to check it out. So although I don’t feel like the aquarium was worth the $45 for my family to get in, the kids loved it. It was mostly touch tanks. Madison touched a hammerhead shark, Isaac touched a stingray, Jenna touch a different kind of shark. Katie was so close to touching a shark but she hesitated and missed her opportunity. They also knelt at a smaller tank with starfish and little fish in it to touch. I’m not sure if any of them got to touch one or not. Katie was upset because she didn’t get to touch anything but we’d already been there long enough so we didn’t wait any longer. Jenna cried because she wanted a shaped balloon. We got Isaac, Joe and Bailey balloons because the other kids were busy at the touch tank and the little kids waited in a long line for their balloons.

After the trip to the aquarium we headed to Burlington Coat and bought Isaac a new suit. He has out grown the last one we bought him. We actually bought his last suit in Boise when we went for Bailey’s blessing so now almost two years later we’ve bought him another new suit while visiting for another cousins blessing. After our little shopping trip we went back to Steven & Kayla’s and got ready to go to dinner with all the adults.

Steven, Kayla, David and I, Gary & Colleen, Richard, Melinda, Sarah & Josh all went to Tucano’s Brazilian Grill for dinner. Kayla’s parents, Terry and Lyle and her sister and brother-in-law, Laci and Brock were also going to come until they couldn’t find child care. We missed visiting with them. Katie babysat all our and Steven and Kayla’s kids except for little Jake who came with us adults. The dinner was great as Tucano’s always is. The company was even better.

After dinner we went home and got the kids to bed and then we all pretty much crashed. Sunday morning we got ready for church. Kayla made a delicious brunch for all the family attending the blessing. We had brunch at 11:00 and then went to Sacrament at 1:00. Steven gave Jake a beautiful loving blessing. Since our drive home would take so long we left as soon as we had been able to partake of the Sacrament. We went back to Steven and Kayla’s and changed and packed. While we were there Richard & Melinda, Sarah & Josh joined us and we visited for a bit. When Steven, Kayla, Gary & Colleen returned we said all of our goodbyes and headed out. On our way home we stopped 3 time 2 potty breaks and once for some dinner. Since we stopped this many times it took us 6 hours to get home instead of the 5 1/2 it took to get there. We also changed drivers in Tremonton which seemed to shorten the ride some for David and I.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend and were so excited to spend time with family we do not get to see often. It was great to see and hold sweet Jake and play with miss Bailey. Bailey is absolutely adorable! Steven and Gary fixed Steven & Kayla’s water dispenser on their fridge and once Bailey figured out that it was working she told Grandma she wanted water then she drank a tiny bit dumped it in the sink saying “all done” then turned to Grandma and said “more water”. When Grandma told her the fridge was tired and she couldn’t have anymore water she wasn’t pleased but she was still adorable. Those kiddo’s of Steven & Kayla’s are so fun to watch, they all have very spunky personalities and are just sassy enough to make David and I laugh. The girls are too cute with their little attitudes. I feel for Steven & Kayla as those girls get older and develop those little attitudes. Although I believe their attitudes are mostly just present to tease their mom and dad when they are teased themselves quite often by their daddy.

Anyway we had a great weekend and can’t wait to see everyone again.

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