Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

This year for new years eve we didn’t go anywhere. We stayed home and and played games, made too many snacks and had a great evening.

David and I made a ham, two kinds of Chex Mix, Onion chip dip and Katie made muddy buddies. We had beef stick, crackers and cheese that we didn’t get out because we had too many other snacks. We also ended up drinking 4 bottles of sparkling cider.

We played our new card games that we got for Christmas from Dave and Elizabeth, Sleeping Queens & Dutch Blitz. They were both really fun. The younger 3 kids couldn’t get the hang of Dutch Blitz since it’s a very fast game but David, Katie and I loved it. We all enjoyed Sleeping Queens.

We also played online Kinect Sports with Michael and Sherry’s family and we had a lot of fun. I’m still sore from Volleyball with Corinne and Colin. We played that until it was 11:30 Texas time. Isaac fell asleep at 9:30 and Jenna only made it until 11:00. She started crying because she was tired so we put her to bed. David, Katie, Madison and I all rang in the new year together. We watched a lot of fireworks being set off across the lake. It’s nice to have such a great view we could see fireworks from Lehi all the way to Provo. Then we had some more Sparkling cider in fancy Champagne flutes and decided we weren’t tired so we stayed up until 2 watching Top Gear. Madison actually fell asleep not too long after 12:30 and I was out at about 1:30 but David and Katie stayed up until 2AM. Needless to say we all slept in the next morning and had a very very lazy Sunday. Madison threw up at about 9:15AM so we were glad we didn’t go to church. She felt under the weather the rest of the day.

Today we are cleaning house, taking down the outside lights, cutting David’s hair and hopefully David and I will have a date. We really have had a pretty good year in 2011 and are continually reminded of all of our many blessings. We’re thankful to spend this entire year all together in one house and hope to get to know many new friends as we get to know our new ward and our new area.

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