Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabriel & a Book Drive Success

On Wednesday night we met at the LDS North Stake House for our book cleaning, labeling & categorizing event. The night went wonderfully! We had between 35 and 45 people who came to help. We took all 3 hours to complete all the books. We served Gabie’s cake after singing a very emotional Happy Birthday song. I couldn’t even get out more that the first Ha… David was just as bad as me. The cake was delicious we made a vanilla pound cake with layers of Raspberry Ganache. We made our own fondant and modeling chocolate and buttercream frosting to decorate it with.

At the end of the night we finished and tallied up our total number of books. I guessed over 2500 but really had no clue where we would end up. The end total was 2,750!!! We put together boxes for the hospitals already expecting books. 200 books for Portneuf Medical, 50 books for Bingham Memorial and they will hopefully be taking more, 300 book for Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, 100 books for Preston Hospital & 100 books for Logan Hospital. The total delivered was 750! So yes we still have 2000 books to place. I will be in contact with American Fork Hospital, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and Primary Children's Medical Center. I’m hoping to send the rest of our books to those hospitals. I will of course contact more hospitals if I need to.

Pictures from the Cleaning, Labeling & Categorizing Event:

Book Cleaning 083Book Cleaning 088Book Cleaning 112

On Thursday we went to Portneuf Medical at 1:30 and delivered the books to them. While there we were interviewed by KPVI News Channel 6 and by The Idaho State Journal. We went to Blackfoot next to deliver books to Bingham Memorial. The day went by quickly and it was a great day. David and I were so happy to be doing this project on Gabriel’s birthday. At 9pm we watched the interview on fox and then again at 10 on NBC. We were so excited, I cried when it first came on because the first thing they showed were pictures of my sweet boy. Then we were the top story for the night. We were so excited and so proud to have our Gabriel on local news on his 3rd Birthday. We are so pleased to be able to honor Gabe this way and now even more people know about it.

Bingham Delivery 003

Bingham Memorial Delivery

EIRMC Delivery

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Delivery by Gary & Colleen Saville..


  1. Glad you had a great turnout. And I LOVE the cake. So sweet. No doubt Gabie loved it :)Glad it turned out to be so successful.

  2. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a special event in your family. We love you tons!

  3. Congrats on such a huge success! Gabie must be so proud of you and your family. He is such an adorable boy!

  4. What a great turn out! Happy birthday sweet gabe. His cake is amazing!!