Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gabriel’s Birthday Week

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of posts this week with the book drive and Gabie’s 3rd birthday. I just wanted to start out with these pictures of Gabe’s birthday flowers. Katie and I put these together at the beginning of the month, my mom just sent me the pictures of them this week, and they’ve held up really well. I’m glad.. Mom and I decided that we need to change up our arrangements. They all seem to look the same except with a few changes.

Birthday flowers (1) (Medium)Birthday flowers (4) (Medium)


  1. What a beautiful arrangement! Talent! I hope it is a good week. I'm sure Gabe will be close cheering you guys on as you do this wonderful service book drive for others. You amaze me, you are a wonderful mother!

  2. Love you Amy! The flowers a beautiful. You'll be in my heart this week! Hearts!