Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Day!!

So truly today hasn’t been too bad, but I’m feeling a headache coming on. I started the morning out by yelling to get the kids out the door to school. Then I came home to a too quiet house and fell apart wishing I had a almost 3 year old running a muck and getting into things. When I finally got my act together I got the dishes done, then started the task of making homemade fondant for Madison’s Birthday cake. I soon realized I didn’t have enough Powdered sugar and it was time to pick up Isaac. So Isaac and I ran to Smiths got some groceries then came home and make some fondant. Which I think turned out great and we’ll see for sure later on when we roll it out. Then I also made a batch of regular buttercream frosting. Then we cleaned up and left to get the girls. We took Katie to Piano ran to the post office and came home. Truly my evening has been pretty uneventful beside listening to Katie and Madison play battleship for Katie's math homework. They’re arguing because it’s taking so long and they’re both sick of the game.  I left the kitchen to go to my room and wrap a birthday gift for Madison and was overwhelmed with the smell of pee as I got closer to mine and Isaac’s rooms.

This is what is really giving me a headache….

I called Isaac into his room and the conversation went like this….

Me: Why does your room smell like pee? (assuming it was an accident and one of the outfits on the floor needed to be washed)
Isaac: (just looking at me and saying nothing)
Isaac: Am I going to get into trouble?
Me: Probably not. (still thinking it was an accident. He has them sometimes and I try to be calm about accidents)
Isaac: Well when I was playing I had to go to the bathroom and so I peed in there. (while pointing to the heat vent)
Isaac: (Backing away from a mother who is losing control quickly) Starts to whimper..
Me: (grabbing him spanking his behind) You will clean this room and then you will stay on your bed until I decide what to do with you.

So then I go fuming into my room on the verge of tears wondering, why in the hell would he pee in his heat vent? How am I going to clean this mess up? Then realizing every time the heater turns on my room smells like pee. So I grab a towel and pull the vent cover off his vent and try to dry it out but since it’s been a few hours since it happened I’m sure most of the pee is too far down the vent to really clean. So I scold him again and leave. Then I decide I need to blog about this so one day when Isaac is complaining about his son I can remind him of the stupid things he did a a little boy. So I sit at my desk and try to inconspicuously take a picture of Isaac sulking on his bed. I have Jenna turn on a couple lights so the picture isn’t blurry and then Isaac sees me. He very kindly offers to turn on his light so the picture will turn out better. So, found out I say ok and take a picture of him. He then turns his light off and says “mom am I not going to get dinner?” I told him he would get dinner but he wasn’t allowed out of his room because I’m still angry with him.

I also sent a question out to Facebook on how to punish a 5 year old for peeing in his heat vent in my brand new house. So far my only suggestions are how to clean it: Like use a shop Vac or spray a neutralizer in the vent.

His dad is going to have to help with the punishment.. I’m too angry to decide on anything that isn’t over the top..

Pouting (Medium)


  1. It's not that serious. Don't sweat the small stuff. Just love him.

  2. Ok, I don't mean to make light of it but I seriously laugh out loud when I read that. What a total 100% boy thing to do. He was too busy and the heat vent was an "opening" so why not pee in it? LOL Don't be too hard on the little guy . . .I think he might have learned his lesson. (And I have added - cover all vents - to my list of things to do to make sure my boys to pee in dumb places ;-) )

  3. I wasn't that hard on him. Just made him sit on his bed a while and think about it. Then he and dad had a talk about why he did it and where we pee. Hopefully he'll remember this and never do it again.

  4. I am laughing, but so feel for you at the same time. We are going through a major potty training regression and I'm going to start losing hair over it, so thanks for the story.

  5. Ok Amy I had to laugh! That is so something my boys would do! I love that little boy! Good luck with the pee pee smell!

  6. I have two boys who are 14 months apart in age, they are 8 and 9 now. This post just makes me giggle and reminds me of when they were smaller. Boys are just plain naughty sometimes! No matter what you do, they are just naughty. Sorry to make light of this, just glad it didn't happen at my house for a change!