Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank You Anne Marie

Today my heart and soul was touched. Today we had our first box of books delivered to us at our home here in Saratoga Springs. I truly believed that because we are so new to this area and no one knew our Gabie that the Book Drive would go unnoticed and I’d have to really try very hard to get people to want to help. Within the last week I have been proven wrong in thinking this.

Starting with Sunday, my Relief Society President asked me to tell the ladies about Books From Gabriel. I was so nervous I couldn’t quit shaking. I talk about Gabie all the time and to complete strangers but to be up in front of these new Ward Sisters and tell them about my son who none of them ever knew existed was much harder than I would’ve anticipated. I received such a warm and welcome response from them all. They were all touched by my Angel Gabriel. As soon as our lesson was over several ladies asked me for more information about the book drive.

On Wednesday I posted some information for the ladies of Jacob’s Ranch 2nd Ward about the book drive on this blog and then added a link to it on Facebook. Right away I noticed the link had been shared by one of those ladies. It made me happy to see someone else interested in our book drive and trying to share it.

Today I received a message from a total stranger who lives in Lehi. She said she had saw the link shared by her friend on Facebook. She said she had books she wanted to donate and asked for directions to our home. I was thrilled and didn’t look at my messages again. David, Katie and I were watching Bones when someone knocked on the door. When I opened it this sweet lady was standing there with a box of books. We gave introductions and visited a minute. She conveyed how Gabriel’s story had touched her heart and she was happy to help with the book drive. I hope I was able to express my overwhelming gratitude for someone here in our new area wanting to help us. I felt my throat tighten as she gave me a hug and I knew my emotions were on the edge of really showing. This act of generosity from Anne Marie has greatly touched my heart. As she left I went back into the family room sat down and started to sob on David’s shoulder. He always hugs me and then kindly laughs at me for all my crazy emotions. He always makes me feel better.  I believe the kicker was when she told me that my Gabe was such a beautiful boy, and when I shared that with David I couldn’t hold back the tears. I’m so happy that Gabie is still living on through us and that he will be known. Until you loose a child you’ll never know how much that means to a mother.  So again I say Thank You to Anne Marie and thank you to all of those wonderful people who I know are going to help us. My Heavenly Father reminds me continually that he is aware of my fears and is always sending those earthly angels my way. I don’t believe they’ll ever understand how much their acts of kindness mean to me.

So to continue on a bit more, I counted the donated books and I’ll be adding another 38 books to our goal thermometer. As I looked through the books this one caught my eye.

1st Box of Books (2) (Medium)

I don’t know why I had to read it but I did. Every page has a picture of a different mother and baby animal on it and as I read these lines I could feel my Gabriel under my lips. I haven’t had an experience like that for I very long time and although it caused tears to flow again, they were tears of joys for those sweet simple memories.

Mommy’s Best Kisses by Margaret Anastas

I kiss your small hands as you reach for my face.
I kiss your sweet neck- it’s my favorite place.
I kiss your five fingers that squeeze mine so tight.
I kiss your strong arms and you squeal with delight.
I kiss your plump tummy as round as can be.
I kiss your belly button as you grin up at me.
I kiss your pink knees while you laugh and you wiggle.
I kiss your ten toes and you let out a giggle!
I kiss your wee nose as you smile playfully.
I kiss your rosy cheeks and you gurgle with glee.
I kiss your soft hair on your sleepy head.
I kiss your drowsy eyes as I put you to bed.
I kiss your dear face and I whisper good night.
I blow one last kiss while I turn out the light.
So tonight when you sleep dream of kisses times ten.
And tomorrow we’ll start all over again!

I can’t wait for my tomorrow with my sweet Gabie Baby.

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  1. This made me cry. and dad even got misty eyed when he read it. It is exactly what I have been praying for, for you.